Richard’s Watch 11th Birthday! A HUGE thank you to my readers

I wish to “Thank YOU” personally for taking your valuable time visiting my blog, no matter whether just to dip in or contribute to some posts, for I appreciate your involvement  with my blog or its Facebook page or Telegram channel with its extra news coverage.

To those who’ve been with me over the years I say, thank you very much indeed for being with me along this journey” and especially for your support over recent opposition.

This blog was launched on 21st November 2011 with a ‘Welcome’ to whomsoever was out there, along with a warning on false theology then brief introductions to eschatology and my personal testimony of being rescued by the Lord from the enemy’s camp. The year closed with a briefing on Biblical-historical-financial cycles in End-time events.

The launch came after months of being poked to discontinue private emails I’d been sending to friends and a few church leaders, and go public on the relevance of current events to End-times. (Those five dozen or so email are included in the blog.)  I’d started them in February 2009 as a result of what I shared recently about my Bible ‘exploding’ on checking a parable, as told herein (“This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”)

A double event in early September 2011 strongly motivated my obeying the nudge to go public, involving a dream of the Kingdom being set up that connected the location and timing of where and when Bill Johnson was giving a prophetic word about that date as becoming significant in the history of the Kingdom in the UK.

So upon reading Mary Wren’s similar vision posted last weekend, then I knew it is time to republish what I’d seen and those related confirmations in the previous post. BUT more was yet to come over…


In the Summer I’d learned of a prophecy conference being convened in Birmingham for last weekend, but I got a very strong check in my spirit because some weeks ago I heard of one on the same date much nearer home and not needing a hotel. Also, Veronika West is one of its speakers, but being so busy I was unable to book until last Thursday.  Upon getting a confirming email I noticed Mark Iles is a prophetic voice with Vineyard churches, to which our own 3Counties affiliated a little over a year ago. Moreover, he’s connected to Winchester Vineyard, and so in view of its direct relevance I printed a copy of that previous post for him just in case I was able to meet him…

Friday evening attendance wasn’t feasible so it had to be Saturday and Portsmouth is only 30 miles away down a fast road – AND the double dose of 3-way temporary traffic lights set up down our road were BOTH green!!  It was like a ‘GO!’ from ‘Papa’!  I don’t use sat-nav but had scutinised the route closely as I’m relatively familiar with the city BUT took a left turn too early. NO problem as I was 1/2 hour early so I wended my way to Oasis church in the town centre, stopped to check street parking, then headed into the much cheaper multi-storey NCP.


Being rather empty there were plenty of spaces on the lowest storey, so I parked next to the stairwell and got out to check about paying. Upon walking back to my car I saw two people returning to one of the few cars in my area.  They didn’t drive off but just collected small bags and turned around – that’s when I recognised Veronika and Mark!  WOT amazing timing!  So we greeted one another and she introduced me to Mark.

We’d first met in early 2020 at the One Voice Prophecy Conference in Reading and I’d forgotten that Veronika had told me she was one of the leaders in The Gate with Yinka Oyekan before the Lord called her and husband Andrew to Ulster. So over a sandwich we shared about our time in Reading, where I’d left in 2002 upon marrying my dear Nina before Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist) joined Yinka’s Reading Community Church.

It was in TFC where I began to learn about and carefully move forward in the prophetic. Thus, my revisiting TFC and attending his conference was a spiritual home-coming!

So this past weekend I was most definitely in the right place at the right time – thank and praise you Lord.


The morning session was a Spirit-led warrior-intercession for our nation, directed by Veronika. In the afternoon Mark spoke about old wineskins in the Church and then Veronika brought a summary of prophecies she’d received and one about 11th hour prophets – so I told her it’s the eve of this blog’s 11th anniversary!

I hope to have more on that subject in due course…

The activation session on this led by Mark Gamblin brought his intriguing declaration over me relating to Abraham’s age, as in ‘The Three Visitors’ account in Genesis 18!

4 thoughts on “Richard’s Watch 11th Birthday! A HUGE thank you to my readers

  1. Dear Richard

    So pleased you’ve been blessed and encouraged and affirmed – all very timely and good answers to prayer!

    Heaps of love in the Lord Shalom Elaine ________________________________

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  2. Congratulations Richard on the 11 years of blogging. So important to hear what the Lord is saying at this time as the end times accelerate. Without this blog I think most of us would be far more unwise as to current events from Heavens perspective..

    Keep up the good work and blessings.


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