APOLOGIES to my readers, and why I’m tracking Donald Trump

Here’s the scripture to which I refer in closing my account to the ‘2nd Prong’:

Entering our bathroom first thing of the day we read on the window ledge a fold-over calendar by Sarah Young ‘Jesus Calling’. Today’s reads ‘November 17…

THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Me. The law of the Spirit of Life has set you free of the law of sin and death. Not many Christians know how to live in this radical freedom, which is their birthright. I died to set you free; live freely in Me.
To walk along the path of freedom, you must keep your mind firmly fixed on Me. Many voices proclaim; “This is the way to go” but only My voice tells you the true way. If you follow the way of the world with all its glitter and glamour, you will descend deeper and deeper into an abyss. Christian voices also can lead you astray: “Do this!” “Don’t do that!” “Pray this way “Don’t pray that way!” If you listen to all those voices, you will become increasingly confused.
Be content to be a simple sheep listening for My voice and following Me. I will lead you into restful green pastures and guide you along paths of righteousness.’
Romans 8:1 – Isaiah 30:21 – John 10:27 – Psalm 23:1-3

Therefore, dear reader, please accept my sincere apologies if in any way you may have felt my blogs could be leading you astray – perhaps tainting you by witchcraft to believe falsehoods and conspiracies! – as claimed by an accuser who is vociferously against  those Americans whose prophecies about Donald Trump have not come to pass.


Consequently, as I too have been ‘attacked, slandered, persecuted’ and excluded, I get a sense of camaraderie with, and thereby encouraged in my tracking President Trump.

NB: my principal reason for so doing relates to what I ‘heard’ upon opening my Bible to check the wheat and tares parable, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled”; as told in The End-game is Now in Play.

In that connection of ripening evil and wickedness, I sensed in 2016 that the Lord is exposing all sorts of evil, especially in politics – now over 300 postings. It took me a few years to realise that exposure of deep state evil is President Trump’s prime purpose too!


May I remind you that visitors here are completely free to think for themselves to agree or disagree – AND no fee – all in accord with this side-bar statement heading this blog’s home-page:



Prophetic words and visions herein are for each READER to WEIGH & TEST against holy scripture and with the Lord, and pray into as led. Likewise for political news, which is posted PURELY for information and tracking fulfillment of prophecies – eg. exposure of political corruption.

(An Introduction To Christian Prophecy at http://wp.me/P1Y1yB-2My and A Question On Prophecy within http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-3e7 refer.)

12 thoughts on “APOLOGIES to my readers, and why I’m tracking Donald Trump

  1. Well said, Richard. You have always been fair, reasoned and scriptural above all. Prophecy is only proven ultimately by it coming to pass, and timing is in God’s hand alone, so we cannot fight over whether or not it has happened yet or will soon. That is out of our hands.

    This is a new time, and God is on the move. As in the Narnia books, where C.S Lewis declares ‘He is not a tame Lion’, Our God sends us prophecy but it is up to His people to discern the times, and be ready. He never said to know everything, He just said to be ready.

    I haven’t seen anything even vaguely capable of drawing us into witchcraft, or to believe falsehoods and conspiracies. As the skies darken even our own will fight against us as we seek merely to be ready. The path you have drawn seems very clear and fits well with the path drawn in the Bible.

    But each must decide, prayerfully and with close study of the Scriptures, which interpretation is the right one. In the darkeness we must all follow His light alone. I have never seen anything that you have shared that has dimmed that light or sought to obscure it, so please do continue to walk the journey with us all.

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    • Thank you so much as I’ve had a lot of kind support via Fbk but it’s more fitting on the source site. The poor soul’s overseer (not his New Frontiers church leader), has written me “…I just did not want you thinking I had said anything negative about you” 🙂


    • Amen. If Richard’s writings were a form of witchcraft, I would have quit reading his blog many years ago. Anything that is demonic will defile the spirit; it will bring darkness into your life; it will not be edifying. I have not agreed with everything written or commented on this blog, but it has not defiled me or brought darkness into my life whatsoever. Richard’s Watch is a beacon of prophetic light in a dark and sin-sick world system.

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      • It’s noteworthy the attack began when I commented on his Fbk about abortion being God’s plumb-line measure and the difference between 45 and poseur AND I wanted to blog on the evidence we know for Kim C’s Two Presidents prophecy.
        Also, last Friday having spare 1/4hour and out of interest, I tried checking this guy’s claims about necessity of a ‘detox’ in US politics and prophecy in 2019, the Lord pointed to something more on him that’s ungodly!

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  2. Dear Richard, Isn’t it ironic that often (always?) those attacking and slandering are themselves most guilty of the perceived “sin”. Your views and commentary are greatly appreciated and if you should err I will be happy to point it out, LOL. Mark Jenson

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  3. Brain Dead said that he would close GITMO in Cuba, but he hasn’t because he doesn’t have any authority to close it because he is not President. The prison at GITMO was opened through an executive order by President George W. Bush in 2002. All Brain Dead has to do is issue an executive order and close GITMO, but this has never happened.

    As of December 2021, there were only 39 detainees at GITMO. Right now, GITMO is expanding; they will have two courthouses at GITMO for the military tribunals in 2023. If there are only 39 detainees at GITMO, then why are they expanding the prison? It is for future detainees.

    When the REAL President was in the White House, Washington, DC was a no-fly zone for military aircraft. Military aircraft fly over DC virtually every day now. No one has lived in the White House since President Trump left on 20 January 2021. The Federal Reserve is closed in DC. Other buildings are closed. Washington, DC is a ghost town.

    I am sure that when the Prophet Isaiah was alive, he was called a false prophet. Look at all of the Messianic prophecies in Isaiah. The Messiah did not come for another several hundred years. I am sure that the Prophet Samuel was called a false prophet when he was alive. He anointed David to be King over Israel when he was a teenager. David did not become King for another ten or fifteen years.

    If anyone thinks that Brain Dead is President, they are living by sight and not by faith. If Donald Trump is not President, then he is at least Commander in Chief. The U.S. Military does not recognize Brain Dead as President.

    Some of this information I got through Derek Johnson’s research and through my own research.

    We need to continue to live by faith and not by sight. We are living in historical times.

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