Prophecies fulfilled with dozens of whistle-blowers emerging!!!


I believe many aspects of this Powerful Prophetic Word are now coming to pass!

Whistle-blowers will rise and not be silenced in the days ahead!

America: Whistle-Blowers Will Arise!

” America, I hear The spirit say, “Watch! For My People in this nation shall know Me as “Emmanuel.”

For I AM with them… For I shall not leave them nor forsake them… But I shall show myself mighty on their behalf in the days ahead and that which the enemy sought to hide and conceal under the covers of darkness, I shall fully expose and bring into the light, ha!

For even now My Spirit of Truth is moving upon the hearts of men and many will say, “Where have all these whistle-blowers come from? How can they be silenced?”

But I say, no!! For they shall no longer be silenced, for as they open their mouths I shall fill them with the winds of My Resurrection Power.

So watch and listen! For at the sound of my mighty roar, this sleeping giant, this Lazarus Nation shall come forth from the darkness of the tomb and it shall arise and advance in new and greater life!”

America: The Restoration of ‘One Nation Under God’“ (JULY 29 2020)

Signs shall follow the Word of The LORD… America watch!

For a time of blooming has come. I heard The Spirit say, “I AM going to meet him in The Rose Garden!”

For those of you who follow me, you will recall a few weeks ago I shared a powerful and poignant dream I had about “President Trump, a divine visitation, and the restoration of The Rose Garden”. Please see the June 27, 2020 HKP link, “Dream of President Trump in The Rose Garden“.

I believe this dream speaks of a divine visitation of God’s Glory and the restoration of…. ‘One Nation under God’..!

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Also recall the word received on 5th August by Julie Green prophesying the same, as posted in Prophecy Progress Update 17 – Mar-a-Lago Raid-DOJ v FBL Blame-game!



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