BLOCKED from Farcebuk, I must be BANG ‘on target’ – BOOM! – LOL Treble B’s!

Sitting in our conservatory, Google Chromebook on my knee I’ve started this new post with its title alone and saved then went to Telegram to copy-paste an earlier chat with a friend on Telegram only to find Telegram is FROZEN – or its bots frightened of what I’m blogging. Oh well, try again…interesting sequence of how that happened, as at end of the following comments:

[Forwarded from Chris Moyler]

Are you in FB JAIL again? Nothing from you on your FB page since 10 Aug?

God bless you OVER THE TARGET !!! Chris x

[Forwarded from Richard Barker]
“YEP dear Chris!   But NOT so much in rather than LOCKED OUT of ‘ JAIL’!

I must be BANG on target and truth-bombs dropped! In fact I’ve replied to your dm that arrived on my phone just b4 breakfast and I was able to tap out a reply and sent about 7:15am – did you get it? It was unusual because I could open it whereas from others it’s impossible. So presumably you didn’t receive as you’ve since asked here.

I GOT LOCKED OUT last Thurs when it tells me to turn on Farcebuk ‘Protect’ to unlock my a/c. (In a possible scam email received weeks ago they claimed I’m a ‘high value account’ requiring security!)  Screen promises to take me through process for applying 2-step login verification (eg like with our bank) .

So it’s ‘b(ig)ot‘ takes me to choosing option of sms to phone and I insert my phone number to get a confirmation code – BUT NONE HAS EVER ARRIVED – moreover, the moronic bot then says if there’s still a problem then I need to insert my number in my fkbk settings – BUT that’s inaccessible!

Also, since it started I keep getting note when trying Fkbk via my phone saying they’ve got problems setting up F in (UK)!!!   So (HUGE) IF I get time I may try setting up new fkbk in my full name.”

SO, in between sorting out ongoing issues with workmen laying Swish fast fibre in our street, causing a sink-hole collapse at the junction of another cul-de-sac plus using that pavement corner to dump piping carelessly and, thereby with two close sets of barriers, having prevented the weekly rubbish-collection, I did carve out 15 mins to try opening a new Farcebuk account using gmail address.

The moron-machine stated I couldn’t use my mobile number as it belongs to another registered user (me or ?) AND resulted in similar INABILITY to send confirmation code to my Gmail.

Therefore, this dual-check clearly indicates Farcebuk is an utterly shambolic system, or that it has blocked me totally for being a free-thinking blogger dangerous to their idiocy!

It was after having attempted to open a new account that Telegram completely hung and I was unable to get back into the open pages.

It’s good to get an email from a reader saying many are moving off Fbk onto Telegram, where they subscribe.

SO if you have yet to visit my channels for more coverage of prophecy-related news for red-pilled folk and which causes concern to the controllers, and for news specifically on progress of fulfillment of prophecies, here are the links (there may be a little overlap):

11 thoughts on “BLOCKED from Farcebuk, I must be BANG ‘on target’ – BOOM! – LOL Treble B’s!

  1. been there why don’t you go to Rumble you will not be blocked Robin D Bullock was ban for a few days she is moving his church and the Eleventh11 to Rumble also Julie Green moved to Rumble about a month and a half so is allot of prophets

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  2. hi Richard I do follow you on Telegram as well as get your emails to my mailfence acct. I see you don’t allow comments or replies to your Telegram posts. I just wanted to tell you that you were scammed and now their AI has you in the crosshairs. I was locked out of my FB 4 months ago and go get unlocked they wanted me to upload 2 pieces of photo id which of course I refuse to do so I am off fakebook not being able to access it or msgr either. I mainly use Signal or Telegram instead of FB msgr for phone / vid calls and messaging and most of the believers I monitor regularlly from L A Marzulli to Elijah streams, Julie, Wanda etc are on Rumble so I keep up with them there altho I do have Wanda on Telegram. You’re on target bu like Yeshua said rejoice when they come after you for the truth Paul

    PS you really need to have a way to comment other than FB Twitter or WordPress as I said i am locked out of fakebook,, was ejected by WP in 2018 after 12 yr and having 1000 people from 60 countries commenting, and don’t recall my login to Twitter as haven’t used it in at least 4 yr

    August 18, 2022

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    • Hi Sid, I did so some weeks ago but never got email verification. In view of Fbk issue maybe my ISP TalkTalk is blocking them. I’ve written direct to CEO on another erratic problem of sending emails so maybe there’s more going on that’s of concern?
      What do you think?


      • I’ve been on Gab, Gettr and MeWE a long tome as CPA. I couldn’t get on truth social initially. In fact I think it was Americans only at first. I did it today though as Sid Cordle. I have several e mail accounts so if one isn’t working I use another. I also have 3 bank current accounts (Nat West Lloyds and HSBC). In this day and age you have to be ready to get round obstacles so if one causes problems I can instantly close the account with no problem. If I were you I would start a new e mail account if one is causing problems without closing the old one. Bless you.


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