Prophecy Progress Update 12: SCOTUS and 2020 Election – part 2

Next, we consider Johnny Enlow’s expanding upon a brief remark he’d previously said to Steve Schultz. I thank a number of friends for drawing it to my attention, particularly Tim Shey for providing very helpful time points in view of my scarcity of viewing time:

At 9:55 minutes Johnny changes topic by saying this may be rather controversial until the proof is shown:

“The Supreme Court of Heaven already de-certified the 2020 Election. That happened the day of the thievery. That happened November 3rd and November 4th, it was de-certified in Heaven. And so the Supreme Court of Heaven de-certifies – just let that resonate with you.

“Now, Supreme Court of the United States somehow freed up of some constraints of blackmail or whatever, in late-June or July they ALREADY de-certified the 2020 Election!”

Steve says that’s a rumour he’s heard and asks Johnny if he’s stating it, and he replies,

“Yes, I’m stating it, I’m stating it. You’re going to see that – and they didn’t just de-certifiy it. You’re going to see that and they just didn’t de-certify it, they did a certification of Donald Trump (as President). So you see a clear (linkage of) the spiritual and the natural.

“People have been asking, when’s he coming back?  I say, he hasn’t left! He has never been out of the position of supreme governor or president on this planet. He is number One and he’s been number One for years!”

Steve asks Johnny about mid-term elections, is he saying he won my a landslide and never left office?

“2018 was another fraudulent election and the ‘Red Wave of 2018’ will be proven too… Trump is president in the sense of ‘he who presides’ and in the eyes of God he has never left that position.”

Then they discuss how that ‘modus operandi’ has been accomplished and Biden’s own position as illegitimate ‘resident’, and Johnny mentions getting confirmation of what his ‘knower knows’ from very high-level intel, as well as dirty tricks from political opposition. He mentions Trump’s action promises made at the weekend’s rally in Arizona.

Johnny likens the SCOTUS delay in any de-certification announcement to the process, decision and time taken in overturning Roe vs Wade.

DO carve out some time to listen to and weigh this broadcast…and be blessed as I am in perceiving how everything is playing out….keep watching out.

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