For info: a couple more bytes God-incidentally in the ‘queue’…

There’s no such thing as ‘coincidence’ when the Lord is involved!  Thus, God-incidents!

The Lord’s great global shaking continues with widening ripple-effects from last Friday’s SCOTUS decision along with simultaneous stirring after resumption of ‘Q’ internet drops and unexpected but indubitable Q-sign from President Trump at the huge weekend rally in ‘Qtown’ (QUincy Illinois), as copied from Richard’s Watch Telegram in this post:

VIP > Trump gives God the glory and, on cue, gives clue to prophecy being true! – Part 3 (GPS #83.3)

This morning I received a couple of q-related newsletters, first a semi-technical 8-page report from a British ‘digital warrior’, Martin Geddes – NOTE his reference to ‘military planning tool’ and, therefore, implicit intelligence gathering of ALL behind-the-scenes events, along with such intricacy that demonstrates this is real NOT fanciful myth and FAR beyond the intellectual capacity of most mainstream media hacks:

The other ‘comm’ is from across the ‘Pond’ by Dave Hayes, Praying Medic – and laugh with me at the timing of my screenshot of 11:22 of a useful lead-in to his discussion (gosh it’s taken an hour including dropped internet – wow how time flies…):

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