Press photo fulfills prophecy on England’s leadership

Almost dropped my morning coffee when opening editorial pages of today’s Telegraph broadsheet (a second time over coffee this week regarding this matter):

OH-WOTTA-COINCIDENCE – note the caption to Bloomberg photo:

In case you may have missed it, here’s my PS to the word Jo Robinson brought on The Battle for Britain re the PM and Monday evening’s Vote of Confidence (colour of text retained, emphases mine):

PS. I’m reminded of part of the Word of 6 May published by Amanda Grace:

“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, tick-tock Big Ben London’s clock, just watch says the Lord as deals are made and ammunition in many ways exchanged what happens with the leadership in England says the Lord, for the time has come for a renewing of My Spirit and My Word in England for tyranny is at their doorstep knocking. DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR FOR IT WILL BE THE FALL OF MUCH IN YOUR NATION IF YOU DO.”

Thus, this extraordinary ‘God-incidence’ validates the Word Amanda received:


1 thought on “Press photo fulfills prophecy on England’s leadership

  1. Dear Richard:
    just a short note to underline the importance of the bus stop sign above. On 20.02.2021 ( I assume the numbers of this date underline the special significance) I dreamt that my and some other peoples’ time at my Grammar School had come to the end.( is called : “Gymnasium” in German, the experience was not unlike the hard exercise in a Gym). We had spent some final time together ( which I assume is now) over some coffee at the school which was in the country. I wondered how I could get home; someone offered me a lift but I lived further away and was afraid I might get stuck in the countryside.It was shortly before the school buses ferried us home then: I went to see a clerk / the Committee available at all times for staff and students. I asked whether the bus still waited in the same place as 42 ( the twos again) years ago, whether I could use it and the same departure times applied. She said, yes nothing has changed and I certainly could use it. I quickly left the office as I only had a few minutes left to board the bus. On my way out Boris Johnson crossed my path and he entered the building.I assumed to speak to the secretary/clerk as at lunchtime no one else was in there.
    I understand we are all in our individual transition now, waiting to set off to our new consignments, moving perhaps to new shores. It seemed unlikely he had enough time to catch the same bus, as I was already in quite a rush.
    I am watching the prophecies for confirmation and often the words and pictures are almost identical..

    God bless you.


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