Prophecies and prayers ARE ON TARGET – flak missed!

Quite often my plans for blogging can get waylaid, especially when returning to my desk after some days.  Usually, I’ve jotted a list of items to blog but when something smacks me between the eyes and you know it’s of the Lord then it’s top priority. This happened just before 11 o’clock on Tuesday within minutes of Jo Robinson posting on Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival  what she’d received on The battle for Britain.

During the next hour I was engaged in debate there whilst Veronika West gave me a heads-up before publication on what she’s been praying and hearing, as herein. Her response to my blog’s content, “Thank you; so much overlap with other voices, great confirmation!”

Now in view of the two connected items and my re-publishing the first, we were homing in on this matter and very soon found I was over the target as an incoming missile got shot at me!

I’m just about to break for lunch when a comment arrived on PT4UKR as a visitor took aim with an ‘ad-hominem’ accusation – that is, a pot-shot at my reputation!

They asked, am I the Richard Barker who encourages American’s to be fully loyal to Trump and not accept democratically held elections?  I gave a polite and informative response about my monitoring fulfillment of prophecy and exposures in USA, pointing out that not since Reagan have Christians been as warmly welcomed within all areas of the White House as during Trump’s administration.

Thus, the missile missed me. The moderator reproved the commentator for being off-topic, deleted her remarks and thereby took them out of action!

As I’d mentioned previously, the Lord always follows through on my return to base with strong, encouraging news – this time, today’s extraordinary press photograph confirming a ‘prophetic bull’s-eye’….

“Over the target, am encountering enemy flak!”

On target: testing fulfillment of prophecy about the Pentagon

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