‘God-incidental’ news of prophecy for France fulfilled

On Monday I found Geoffrey Pick had tagged me as follows in view of my monitoring fulfilled prophecies:

I comment, “Very interesting re timing as have received unsolicited email in this connection from France!!” to which he says, “That’s encouraging a word in season”. Moreover I thank him with, “…time constraints keep my focus upon US, UK (& thirdly) Ukraine. Moreover, the email I got was for making a connection to a prophet PLUS a personal link from my dim, distant past with regards to a specific location/history.”

It was only on opening my emails after the long Platinum Jubilee long weekend that I found an email sent on Friday from a sister in France with Christians in Government asking me to forward her request to a prophet in the UK about the area she and her husband know well. Margaret writes,

“I thought of you as I have read your prophecies and website over the years and very much appreciate the prophecies you and others post. It has been an amazing time in that regard.

…Toulouse to Barcelona…is an area my husband and I know very well, so it is not surprising that we are the ones to give the word, because we would understand the context. There are all sorts of interesting and important church events that happened in the area. The formation of the Dominicans, the Albigensian Crusade, the home of the top lord from the first crusade (Toulouse), Charlemagne vs the Saracens. Toulouse has the greatest rugby club in the world, Barcelona has the greatest football club in the world. These things point to higher matters…”

That makes the email a tad personal because I never expected to hear again about the early medieval history of south-western France. Toulouse was supposedly a historical, foundation of the new age group I was involved with, as well as with Knights Templar.

SO we pray that an increasing number of people in that region turn away from all forms of false religions and to the One who purchased their redemption in His blood, and thus come into the glorious Kingdom of the True, Triune and Eternal God.


2 thoughts on “‘God-incidental’ news of prophecy for France fulfilled

  1. This is interesting! I recognise that you can’t cover the whole world but personally I am very interested in goings-on in France. When I spent a year there for my degree about 20 years ago I joined an evangelical free church – but it was well-known that the département I was living in (Moselle) was a hotspot for Protestant churches, as it’s part of that area which was historically seen as more German than French. Elsewhere in the country, especially in the south-west, it was reputedly (and by a friend’s experience) very hard to find a ‘real’ church.
    I would be really interested to see more of this kind of news, perhaps if you have a slow news day from time to time and something pops up!

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