Does Ezekiel’s 2,500 years-old oracle of the Gog coalition apply today?

In weighing biblical and contemporary prophecies with current events and variety of  insights into the known and implicit causes of the Russian invasion of The Ukraine, I offer the following in regard to observations/interpretations of current events:

Prophecies relating to president Putin’s present and future actions akin to a modern version of ‘The Treacherous Trio of Ezekiel 38′ DO NOT PRECLUDE the Lord using ‘Vlad the Bad’ for His own purposes in dealing with satanic strategies and operations behind the globalist agenda of the New World Order, aka Deep-State, as promulgated in the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ agendas, about which I’ll blog next.

Book of Ezekiel (in brief) 

For readers unfamiliar with the 6th Century Before Christ book of Ezekiel  the priest, son of Buzi. His name means ‘God strengthens’. After describing his stunning visions of The Holy One upon His Throne, its many chapter are divisible into three sections, two of judgement for sins committed – those of Judah and of heathen nations – and then future blessings for God’s covenant people when they will be delivered from the attack from ‘Gog of the land of Magog, and Aquila, chief prince of Meshach (Talmud and Vulgate), and Tubal’ along with their partners of Persia, Ethiopia and Libya.

My Study Bible notes state these oracles have given rise to various interpretations, and are clearly eschatalogical because Gog also features in Revelation 20. The participants are on the edge of the ancient known world and are described as affecting ‘the nations which are in the four corners of the earth. They may represent resisting forces, rather than precise counterparts – but the modern anti-Israel alliance of Russia, Turkey and Iran does fit the description. Some interpreters stress the most important aspect of this battle and its implications for the restored nation of modern Israel is in glorifying God – and which is clearly reiterated in the prophetic visions and words given to our sister Veronika West.

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