Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble — Lee Smith via ‘True Discernment’

By tying itself to a reckless and dangerous America, the Ukrainians made a blunder that client states will study for years to come

“That’s because siding with one great power against another often leads to catastrophe. No less an authority than the prophet Isaiah tells us so. He warned the Jews not to side with the pharaoh—a broken reed, he called Egypt, which pierces the hand of anyone who leans on it—in the dynasty’s conflict with the Babylonians. 

[From Tablet] ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin chose this war, Joe Biden said in his Thursday afternoon speech to America regarding the conflict in Ukraine. That is true, but U.S. elites also had something to do with Putin’s ugly and destructive choice—a role that Democrats and Republicans are eager to paper over with noble-sounding rhetoric about the bravery of Ukraine’s badly outgunned military. Yes, the Ukrainian soldiers standing up to Putin are very brave, but it was Americans that put them in harm’s way by using their country as a weapon, first against Russia and then against each other, with little consideration for the Ukrainian people who are now paying the price for America’s folly.

It is not an expression of support for Putin’s grotesque actions to try to understand why it seemed worthwhile for him to risk hundreds of billions of dollars, the lives of thousands of servicemen, and the possible stability of his own regime in order to invade his neighbor. After all, Putin’s reputation until this moment has always been as a shrewd ex-KGB man who eschewed high-risk gambles in favor of sure things backed by the United States, like entering Syria and then escalating forces there. So why has he adopted exactly the opposite strategy here, and chosen the road of open high-risk confrontation with the American superpower? […continue reading full article via…]
Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble — True Discernment

I’m grateful to Mark’s contribution to this post for he introduced me to the WordPress site of John Baker, whose latest post is this in-depth examination of Putin’s motives and The Ukraine’s recent political history.

I’m particularly impressed in its fullsome content covering the treachery against Donald Trump and thereby supporting our surmise that Putin’s actions serve as a distraction to the ‘worse than Watergate’ revelations of top-level political evil…It warrants serious, careful study!!

7 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble — Lee Smith via ‘True Discernment’

  1. I think this is one half of the story – the other being the way the EU have dangled membership in front of the Ukraine without ever quite allowing them to join. The EU seem to have repeated some of the same mistakes as with Yugoslavia, vaguely offering membership “this year, next year, sometime, never” with very little concern for the geopolitical consequences. Their generally high-handed attitude towards their neighbours, such as insisting on very one-sided trade arrangements (as they tried to do with Britain) has caused all sorts of problems – it’s one reason, I think, why Turkey has turned away from Europe more or less altogether. They say they want to foster peace in Europe, but if they really do then they are pretty inept at it.

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  2. For any one looking for bio-labs in Ukraine. Tho i’m banned from it, (for mentioning ‘Ivermectin’)Twitter still send me their updated bulletins. Today they sent me the following.But i can’t look any further(as it requires my cell phone number, which I don’t have, as i don’t receive a reception in the area i’m living(too rural & hilly) However (if the pic comes thru on Richard’s page) & you’re a Twitter member you might be able to find Kheyala who has posted this tweet,Thank you Richard for allowing me to post it. All the best & God Bless from pennine (b-m)

    What’s happening

    Kheyala shared

    DC Weekly
    United States’ Not-So-Secret Bio Weapons Program in Ukraine Increases Tensions with Russia
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    The Times
    Jamie Blamire: At first I thought this was not for me. I never really knew anything about rugby union


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