2020 US election results now at SCOTUS, as prophesied


As said to a couple of close friends this morning, I must have something of importance in my papers for my full-on blogging day because of three side-swipes in today’s personal events taking up my valuable 10am-6pm online time. Please bear with any errors in my haste and need to be brief so hope this will properly convey info, but here goes:

From the several updates do you recall this of 10th December listing 3 prophecies of last November’s US presidential election going to the Supreme Court of the United States?

Prophecies coming to pass in America 8 – 18 States going to SCOTUS against Election fraud (F/P #10.22.1-3)

This week Mike Lindell and several states’ Attorneys General submitted a lawsuit to SCOTUS supported by PCAP (data packet capture) evidence.

From Telegram’s Follow the Data with Dr Frank, starting 22nd Nov but not full thread:

MUST READ essential insights on Mike Lindell’s and John Durham’s roles in this lawsuit in Patel Patriot’s Devolution Addendum 3 – Exhausting All Options. Also, he’s permitted to reveal his confidential source is in US Army Intelligence Centre, Arizona. Here are snippets from closing pages of his 17-page paper:

‘If the evidence Mike Lindell claims to have is genuine, then we have already seen the failure of both the legislative and executive branches of our government due to rampant election fraud. Many members of Congress are illegitimate just like the current “president” occupying the White House. That means on January 6th, an illegitimate Congress rubber-stamped an illegitimate president resulting in the failure of both those branches.

If the only remaining branch of government (judicial) fails to recognize and rectify the 2020 election and illegitimacy of the other two branches, then all three branches of government would no longer be functioning as intended. Our form of government under the United States Constitution would no longer exist; a genuine constitutional crisis. I believe reaching this point would move us another step closer to the reveal of Devolution. We first have to exhaust all available legal and constitutional methods before military involvement is warranted. I truly believe this is how it will play out and here is my reasoning.

If the evidence Mike has is genuine, he could have went to the same AGs much sooner and got them on board. He could have taken his information to SCOTUS much sooner as he intended to after his August symposium. He could have even taken it to SCOTUS on January 21st. Why didn’t he?

It comes down to the timing!

As I have been saying since day 1 of my series, in order for Trump to return, there needs to be a super majority of Americans ready and willing to accept his return. The fact this has been pushed back until now when it didn’t need to be tells me it was done so on purpose. It has been timed to coincide with the multitude of failures of Biden’s administration and the mass awakening of Americans that has resulted from those highly visible failures.

So once again, if Mike Lindell has the AGs on board as he claims, and the evidence he possesses is genuine, than this upcoming SCOTUS date is even bigger than we realize…..

Keep the chain of custody in mind as we continue.

Questions & Answers


This last section will have to do with both Mike Lindell and John Durham. Before laying out the theory I’m going to ask a series of questions which only this theory seems to properly answer.

Regarding Mike Lindell:
  • If his PCAPs are genuine, where did he get them?
  • If his PCAPs are genuine, why is he allowed to maintain possession of them?
  • If his PCAPs are genuine, how is he able to maintain the proper chain of custody necessary to prove they are genuine without a doubt?
Regarding John Durham:
  • Why hasn’t the Biden administration shut him down yet?

…As I have said numerous times, the theft of the 2020 election was a culmination of the political establishment’s efforts to cover up for Spygate. Everything they did throughout President Trump’s first term was to cover up for their Russia Hoax. The Mueller special counsel, the impeachment, the lies, the election theft. Everything was aimed at removing Trump so that the crimes we see coming from the Durham special counsel would never see the light of day.

The conspiracy case that John Durham is showing us with these “speaking indictments” clearly shows the highest levels of the Obama administration were involved in this, including Joe Biden and Obama himself. Multiple agencies from our intelligence community are also complicit. If they truly had any control whatsoever, they would do absolutely anything they could to shut John Durham down, which is my entire point. They clearly don’t have control over John Durham. Why?


Are John Durham and Mike Lindell operating under the auspices of the military?

More specifically, is it possible they have been Direct Commissioned into our military while carrying out their roles? Here is what I mean:….


As we discovered in Devolution – Part 13 [RB: awesome], the scope of the devolution plan is much larger than we first realized.

If the same people who will be taken down by John Durham also played a role in the theft of the 2020 election, wouldn’t it make sense for the devolution plan to account for John Durham’s investigation and provide an avenue for it to continue uninterrupted? Commissioning him to the military during a devolution operation would truly move him out of their reach.

If Trump and his team are to exhaust all legal and constitutional methods of rectifying the 2020 election, they need to go before SCOTUS with irrefutable and concrete evidence. Maybe Mike Lindell is the guy to bring that evidence forth. If he is to truly move the chess pieces forward, his evidence has to be solid and irrefutable. Working with the military would be as solid as it gets….’

HIGHLY exciting extracts, are they not? – read in full by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “2020 US election results now at SCOTUS, as prophesied

  1. Why am I reading this now? (I am thinking of God’s perfect timing.) I just finished reading Devolution – Addendum Series – Part 1 & 2 (go to link above: Devolution – Part 13). Excellent information.

    If you read Part 2, something very significant happened on January 18th, 2021. The United States COGCON (Continuity of Government Readiness Conditions) dropped to Level 2 on January 18th. Something very significant happened to me early on the morning of January 18th, 2021: I was attacked by a demon while I was laying in bed. This evil presence came into my room, I became paralyzed and then I was physically attacked by a demon. I have been attacked by demons before, but this attack was different than the others–it was vicious and physically painful (that’s why I remember the date). At the time, in my spirit, I believe the attack had something to do with the stolen 2020 Election.

    Back in September of 2016, I was hitchhiking in Idaho and I camped out in Kooskia, Idaho. I was attacked that night by a demon. In my spirit, I believe it had something to do with the upcoming elections in November of 2016.

    I am reading about the United States COGCON dropping to Level 2 on January 18th for the first time today. I believe it is related to my demonic attack on January 18th. I am reading about it now because of God’s perfect timing. Two events intersected on January 18th and I am learning about it today. Earlier today, the Holy Ghost fell very heavy on me, so I had to lay down for awhile. It is also Thanksgiving Day, which I think is significant. So many witnesses in one day. Could it be that the Lord is quickening things in the Heavenlies? More exposure of the wicked?

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    • Thank you very much indeed for telling me Tim, as it just popped out of my mouth – few Brits take interest in your celebration – during Wed evening’s zoom meeting with Catch The Fire Farnborough (less than two dozen of us but we all practise prophecy!) that it would be a special day, more than being 400th Thanksgiving!

      Also, I got ‘nudged’ to put Patel’s comment on timing in bold type! Your remark confirms it is so!

      Do you know any ‘rationale’ to the attacks?

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      • I think it is funny that we are talking about warfare now because yesterday (it was my day off from work) I saw a great documentary on Alexander the Great. I have always maintained that the Lord raised up Alexander the Great because the Lord wanted a Greek New Testament and not a Persian New Testament (the Greeks defeated the Persian Empire; the Greek victory at Gaugamela was incredible, brilliant). People are still studying the Greek New Testament to this day. Later I watched a documentary on the Siege of Toulon in 1793 where Napoleon made his name.

        So in spiritual warfare, in my experience, Satan attacks after a Holy Ghost victory and sometimes Satan does a pre-emptive attack. When the Holy Ghost falls very heavy, usually it means that some Satanic stronghold is being taken out. I was a bit curious why I was attacked on January 18th and not January 20th when the fake president went through the illegal inauguration. We see through a glass darkly.

        I remember I was hitchhiking in Montana back in August of 2008 and I camped out in the Bitterroot Valley and I was attacked by a demon. I thought a deer jumped on me and broke my ribs. The next morning my ribs were fine. A few days later I learned that my first book (High Plains Drifter) was accepted for publication. Around the first week of December, on the very day that my book was published, I was attacked by a demon–it felt like my body was being crushed. So Satan hated the fact that my book got published. My book is really not about hitchhiking, it is about obedience to the Lord. Obedience to the Lord is taking up your cross and dying daily; obedience to the Lord destroys Satanic strongholds.

        It seems like the warfare that the Lord is doing in my life is more strategic than tactical.

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        • Richard: There are some really good scriptures in Amos Chapter 1 dealing with spiritual warfare:

          Amos 1:4: “But I will send a fire into the house of Hazael, which shall devour the palaces of Ben-hadad.”

          Amos 1:7: “But I will send a fire on the wall of Gaza, which shall devour the palaces thereof.”

          Amos 1:10: “But I will send a fire on the wall of Tyrus, which shall devour the palaces thereof.”

          The Holy Ghost Fire destroys Satanic strongholds.

          I was just listening to a message from Leonard Ravenhill recently. He said that the scripture, “he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire” (Matthew 3:11), in the Greek, reads “Holy Ghost Fire”.

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