Aspect of ‘October Surprise’ prophecy coming to pass…(updated 8 Nov)

Update Monday 8th Nov:


Saturday 6th Nov:  A change in our weekend arrangements enables me to post this update (chronological order):


For much more in-depth reports by Brian Cates go to as with this latest:

Background blogs:

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Word from the Lord to nations at this holy time, an October surprise – Amanda Grace

7 thoughts on “Aspect of ‘October Surprise’ prophecy coming to pass…(updated 8 Nov)

  1. Hi Richard, Interesting to note that very much in line with the “October Surprise” is that the date of the Danchenko indictment is October 29th! So Durham waited until after the elections to make the arrest but the deed was legally done October 29th. Mark Jenson

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  2. So Igor Danchenko gets arrested and the same day (November 4th) the FBI raid the homes of some journalists that work for Operation Veritas. I am sure that there is a connection; some people are getting very nervous. The Biden and Clinton Crime Families hate Operation Veritas. Here is a video of James O’Keefe of Operation Veritas:

    FBI and Southern District of New York Raid Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes

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    • The FBI raid on Veritas may be similar to the raid on Giuliani where the FBI really wasn’t after Giuliani at all but wanted cover for some info that they knew Giuliani had but did not want to divulge the real purpose behind wanting the info. Project Veritas supposedly has the original diary from one of the Biden girls, can’t recall her name. Was this cover to get that diary for some ongoing Biden crime family investigation or something more nefarious like political harassment via the FBI? I have no idea

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