Implicit in many prophecies: ‘New Declaration of Independence’ – AZ election audit:

Julian Conradson at The Gateway Pundit writes late last night: (extracts from above):

‘Today, we finally saw the long-awaited results from the Arizona Senate’s historic full forensic audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election…Once the senate hearing was finished, AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers took the stage outside to address the anxious crowd about the findings that confirm thousands of fraudulent votes were counted in November.

During her address, Rogers unveiled a letter that had been signed by 41 different legislators from multiple states, calling for a nationwide audit and decertification of every state where fraudulent votes changed the outcome of the election. Starting with Arizona.:

“This is our new declaration of independence. This is our manifesto of freedom.”

The letter was signed by legislators from 15 different states. Washington, Texas, Utah, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, and Minnesota were all represented on the document.

The results of Arizona’s historic audit show numerous discrepancies that were found in the audit. Here are just some of the findings:


Read both above items here and here.

3 thoughts on “Implicit in many prophecies: ‘New Declaration of Independence’ – AZ election audit:

  1. Yes. I listened to this last night live and got these figures. It’s just staggering today the media are focussing on the totals. Of course the auditors were saying that the totals were roughly correct but there were an enormous number of ballots in those totals which were cast fraudulently. You also haven’t mentioned that the machine router had 2 hard rives in it one able to counter the other and all were connected to the internet with thousands of messages passing to whom? Then there was an enormous amount of information deleted on 1st Feb 2021 the day before the audit started. I think that what happened was that 255,000 votes were added in during the early ballot process based on people they thought unlikely to vote based on past voting records. In fact this led to over 17,000 duplicates where they did actually vote or people turning up at polling stations and being refused a ballot. Then the machines counting the votes were relaying the information to a fraudster who was adding in more votes at the end to make sure Biden won also based on people who hadn’t voted. The net effect was an incredibly high turnout at over 80%. To find these you would need to visit the houses of all the people who had been recorded as voted but there was enormous pressure to stop that we know why. The headline today should be “Massive fraud found in Arizona election” but they don’t want to say that so we are supposed to live in this alternative reality which is in fact totally dishonest.

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  2. Oh, Lord, how Wonderful you are!! As I sat and listened, amazed and thrilled, angry and shocked, and filled with Joy to see the truth finally being spoken out loud, I can do nothing but Praise God!!

    As we have prayed, and prayed, and waited and believed, and prayed more and waited and hoped and prayed, and suddenley…. This!

    How Great Thou Art of Lord MY God!!!!

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