10 Truths Proving Democrats With Media Created ‘Insurrection’  Myth of Capitol Breach — Clever Journeys

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the House Judiciary Committee Thursday he could neither confirm nor deny that President Donald Trump, his former aides or members of Congress were or were not under investigation for any role in instigating the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

Corporate Media, the Department of Justice (including the FBI), Congressional leadership and Deep State operatives have collaborated to create the myth that aninsurrection” of President Donald J. Trump supporters stormed into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 to harm lawmakers.  […continue reading at…] 10 Truths Proving Democrats With Media Created ‘Insurrection’  Myth of Capitol Breach — Clever Journeys

Further to previous posts about events at the US Capitol on 6th January the above link gives more valuable information with author’s photos on the ‘insurrection myth’.

5 thoughts on “10 Truths Proving Democrats With Media Created ‘Insurrection’  Myth of Capitol Breach — Clever Journeys

  1. In this video, David Nino Rodriguez interviews Richard Citizen Journalist about Washington, DC. Richard was raised in Washington, DC and he says that DC is a ghost town. The streets are virtually empty, the buses, the Metro are empty. Federal buildings are empty. Richard believes that the Swamp is being drained; he saw Black Hawk helicopters on the lawn of the Capitol area (military making arrests?).

    Richard Citizen Journalist – DC is a Ghost Town


      • Sorry about the bad language in the video. There was some good information. I used to live in Washington, DC years ago; usually lots of people everywhere: the streets, the Metro system. So if DC HAS turned into a ghost town, then the military must be cleaning up that cesspool. Thank God and thank President Trump.

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        • Very good job you put them on record Tim as video since been ‘removed by uploader’. I suspected something ‘under wraps’ has been happening because William Koenig’s weekly report is no longer sub-headed as coming from ‘Inside the White House’ since January.

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