Surprise > 4th jigsaw piece on Obama, Biden and deep state US-Italy axis

When blogging two posts last Thursday on what happened a week ago today, Monday 28th June, on former president Obama’s likely connection with November’s rigged US election, I used the following image to indicate my perception of their being part of the Lord’s ‘invisible jigsaw’:

I was intrigued by the piece to the left with white colour that seems to be appearing as though hinting ‘there’s more to come’. It was only over the weekend that I learned another directly relevant event had also taken place on the Thursday: ‘politically incorrect and heretical’ journalist Cesar Sacchetti published his latest long-read on that same issue > it makes yet another ‘God-incidental’ jigsaw piece!

As emphasised at the close of my second post: “I couldn’t invent such a triple ‘God-incidence’ happening all in one day! Therefore, the Lord is surely pointing out the importance of this matter, or in other words, “Pay attention!” My conclusion is now endorsed by a fourth piece!!

We have these connected jigsaw pieces on this particular person’s activity:
  1. News of Obama’s plea for laws making it easier to steal elections,
  2. My notes on prophetic word which closes with rebuke to Obama,
  3. Robin Bullock’s reference to Obama and replica of Satan’s throne
  4. Cesare Sacchetti on Obama’s involvement with Spygate and Italygate, viz:

As a ‘taster’ here are some extracts. After outlining the ‘special relationship’ between US Democrats and Italy’s Democratic Party subsequent to Bill Clinton’s 2011 visit, Cesare then focuses upon:

Obama’s and Renzi role in Spygate and Italygate

‘After Renzi had become Prime Minister, the New York Times dedicated an article to him entitled “In Italy, Matteo Renzi Aims to Upend the Old World Order”.The message of the piece was clear.: Matteo Renzi was the “chosen one” of globalism to dismantle the last political roadblocks that impeded the final entrance of Italy in the New World Order.

‘When Renzi arrived at Palazzo Chigi, the residence of the Italian PM, he consolidated his relations with the American counterparts, especially with then-President Barack Obama.

‘This “special relationship” is fundamental to understand the plan to oust Trump. If we understand the dynamics of Italian-US politics, we can understand who had been conspiring against President Trump for the last five years.

‘Trump was the part of the equation that was not considered by the deep state. He was not supposed to become President in the globalist circles. Globalism chose Hillary Clinton to pave the way to the final phase of the New World Order.

‘Trump foiled those plans. However, the Italian and the US deep state immediately realized the threat that represented the then-Republican candidate. They realized that, after many decades, a man who was not chosen by groups such as the Bohemian Grove or the Council of Foreign Relations could become President.

‘The system realized that Trump was a mortal threat to it because Trump wanted to separate America from the mortal spires of globalism.This would mean not only the end of the deep state project but also driving a definitive wedge between the Italian and the US deep state.

‘As a result, the system reacted. In September 2016, Obama authorized the illegal espionage of Trump. However, it was not enough. Something more was needed to set up the New York entrepreneur.

‘According to several sources, Obama invited Renzi to the White House for this reason.

‘Obama ordered Renzi to plant false evidence and find a patsy to associate Trump with the Russians.

‘The patsy had the features of Giulio Occhionero, an Italian engineer who ended up at the center of an international intrigue just because he was picked as a Manchurian candidate to frame Trump. Thus was the conception of Spygate, an international scandal whose alleged perpetrators are still at large.

‘The deep state did everything to prevent from bringing to justice those who orchestrated this coup d’état. Not only did the deep state do this, but it also apparently used the same political characters to conceive an operation even more subversive than Spygate, which is Italygate…’

This is a highly intriguing, but as yet unproven, scandal worse than Watergate. Read all about it by clicking here to read Cesare’s article.

And note well, this must have ‘God-incidentally’ popped into my attention for a reason! First, a US news item on a political personage, in tandem with my making notes in UK from a prophecy video, whilst another source in US speaks about that character. Then whilst this Brit blogs on those ‘jigsaw pieces,’ an Italian publishes his investigation into Obama!!!!

Uncanny – or else of the Lord…

Images by courtesy
  • Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go
  • Puzzle by Jannoon028

12 thoughts on “Surprise > 4th jigsaw piece on Obama, Biden and deep state US-Italy axis

  1. I go back to what the Lord gave me in 2016 concerning Donald Trump; Psalm 2. I still see this Psalm playing out in the current political atmosphere. The arrogance and pride of those who think that they have won will ultimately be their downfall.

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  2. Here is an excellent interview between Scott McKay and Bishop Larry Gaiters. In this interview, Bishop Gaiters exposes the Biden-Harris Crime Families. According to Gaiters, the Biden Crime Family is much worse than the Bill & Hillary Clinton Crime Organization.

    Scot McKay – Bishop Larry Gaiters

    Psalm 92:7: “When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever.”

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      • I used to think, who could be more evil than Bill & Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Cartel? It looks like the Biden Crime Family is more evil. Maybe this is the reason why the Lord allowed the election fraud to happen, so as to expose the true depths of the wickedness of these global deep state actors.

        I like listening to Bishop Gaiters: he calls CNN the Crack News Network.

        We need to ask the Lord to give us strength and patience as He gradually exposes the wicked throughout the world. This is a global spiritual war that we are engaged in and it takes time to uncover the deeds of the wicked for the whole world to see.

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        • I reckon we’ll never know real Peace & Justice until the Good Shepherd is here amongst us ruling the world, But i agree entirely with you, this is well &truly Spiritual War that we’re going through & the evil is becoming more exposed. Yet it appears to be winning, for eg who’d ever imagine an Election being swiped away by such cheating yet seemingly nothing can be done to alter this, the charlatan Biden is sitting there in the WH & none can moved him. In our own land(UK) everyday, boats are ferrying in illegal immigrants with the blessing of our government. These could be an army sent to kill us, for all anyone knows.Where’s all the Laws??? Seems right now goodness isn’t the winner. Only evil is the victor. Hope I’m Wrong,


  3. Pomarie Richard,
    There was something pathetic about Obama saying new voting regulations were against democracy. He must be desperate.
    Trump is God’s man, not Obama.
    I liked Robin Bullock’s prophecy about when God said to Obama this is not your Country (to destroy)
    Praise the I AM.

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