Modern Babylon is fallen – Johnny Enlow

[Publ 22.6.2021 – featured to follow Veronika’s reference to being quickened to Rev 18, Fall of Babylon the Great]

You may recall my recommendation of Johnny Enlow’s superb teaching on how Trump’s actions and the political state of America mirrors the fall of ancient Babylon to Persian king Cyrus.

In Johnny’s latest analysis of events he teaches from OT prophet Jeremiah (chapter 50) and stresses the similarity between the ancient Hebrew ‘shepherds’ and today’s church leaders in failing to take charge and rule from the ‘mountains’ – ie. “Occupy until I return” as emphasised by J.C Ryle (1816-1900), first Bishop of Liverpool, in his seminal Are You Ready For The End Of Time?

Johnny Enlow’s brief focus on that topic reminded me of the Lord showing me Ezekiel 34, Shepherds and Sheep, 28 years ago as I urgently needed a promise therein, which bore fruit when I espied that chapter being the theme of an Ellel Ministries conference. This led me to receiving in-depth ministry I was seeking for having been involved in the New Age. (I was later blessed to serve on their prayer ministry teams for several years and where I met my dear Nina.)

Now, in ‘coming back to the future’ I trust some of my recent blogs have given sufficient background to his connecting prophetic scripture to today’s events in this video (in view of length I prefer high-speed playback with captions as I’m familiar with the material):

This ace teaching is introduced on his Facebook timeline by my friend Chris Moyler and which, along with his brief summary, generates a valuable discussion with John Barber in extracts shown below. (Please excuse compact text as re-formatting takes time – Fb inserts 2 lines of coding between each of its ‘paragraphs’):

Dear Friends,
I can think of no other prophet who gives a better overview of what God is doing across the world than Johnny Enlow.
Here, on the excellent Elijah Streams channel, he has been laying out for us how the LORD has decreed the exposure and destruction of the Global Babylon the Great, that has so enslaved and impoverished the peoples of the world.
The LORD is about to pour out his Glory upon the earth at a level and depth never before seen in human history.
But first, he must greatly reduce Babylon the Great, in order to release her stolen wealth for the building of his Kingdom, and also to prevent her whoredom from harming his GREAT AWAKENING, which will bless all the peoples of the earth
I know that we are presently besieged with hour long videos! But Johnny’s apostolic and prophetic wisdom is truly at a level that surpasses most others.
Raised in S. America, as the child of missionary parents, God has used his wisdom to largely remove poverty from the people of Peru. However, this Global Scamdemic, authored by the Luciferian Elite, has thrown 4 million back into unemployment and 5 million back into poverty.
The LORD is very angry about this wanton destruction of that which he had just restored. And he is releasing his Heavenly Host, the armies of Heaven, to expose and tear down wickedness across the earth.
Chris xx
Chris M
36:15. HAMMER, the vote rigging software which was used to Steal the US Election, and many other elections across the world, is being exposed and broken.
39:00. President Trump won in a LANDSLIDE.
39:20. A STING operation was set up, and the Elite were caught!
44:10. The destruction of the BULL markets, which are purposefully created by the Elite, which they then crash, creating Bear markets. These deliberate market manipulations are used to Steal TRILLIONS of wealth from the people. They will end.
47:10. I will light a fire in the CITIES of BABYLON, that will burn up everything around them.
48:10. LONDON
49:00. London Bridge is falling down!
49:15 Washington, The City of London, and Vatican City were all created by the Luciferian Elite, in order to dominate the world.
Each city is completely separate from the country in which it is situated, with its own legal systems, all of which are designed to concentrate wealth and power into the Elite’s hands.
Note from Chris:
(Washington is military, London is finance, and Vatican is Religion.
All 3 have been under Luciferian control, but that control is now being broken.)
1:00:10 PUTIN has been put in (by the LORD) to march to the sound of the Trump! Wow!!
President Putin has been aware of the operations of the Luciferian Cabal for many many years now.
For a long time, he thought he was the only leader who saw and understood this.
But now he is part of a group of world leaders who are v happy to work with President Trump to dethrone the Cabal.
(Wow! Small wonder then that the British press frequently gives Russia a hard time!)
Much more on this incredibly insightful broadcast, but these are a few tasters.
John B
Elijah Streams is an interesting resource and while I always counsel test and weigh I also find what is shared resonates with my spirit and biblical understanding. I watched the Johnny episode Thursday and the day before I watched something also refreshing profound with Robin Bullock. The Lord is definitely up to something.
John B
Isn’t it lovely when one’s understanding of scripture gets blown wide open. I thought I understood Babylon the Great from Revelation 17&18 etc as well as trying to reconcile with OT references like Jeremiah 50&51 as did Johnny here. Yes we are seeing daily revelations concerning the world system before us now and while I saw it as something taking place at the end of the Great Tribulation time just prior to Jesus returning I am happy to be proved wrong. I loved the way Johny opened up this subject. In fact Jeremiah 50&51 was about to be my study this morning.
Chris M
Tky for you refreshing honesty dear John, it is so welcome!
Like you. I have struggled with the correct interpretation of Babylon the Great, and I too believed that these chapters foretold what Christ will fo at his return.
I continue to believe that at his coming, Satan, and all that he has so carefully built, over so many centuries, will be removed from the earth.
But what I totally missed, what I had completely failed to understand, was that the LORD would accomplish a major dethronement of Satan’s power right now, at THIS time in history.
This will release untold riches to the Kingdom (which is so much bigger than just the Church), and it will ensure that God’s people are in place on the 7 Mountains of society, in order to ensure that the coming DIVINE AWAKENING will not be destroyed and shut down, as past awakenings have been.
So what I see is indeed the LORD’S coming to the earth, after this time of cleansing, in order that he might abide with us in a very tangible and powerful way, until the Day of the LORD ie his biblical Rapture and Second Coming.
All this requires a drastic rethink of much of what we have been taught, concerning End Times prophecy, does it not.
I myself have had to drastically revise and rewrite my biblical theology over the last 15 years, and no doubt there is much more revision to come.
Scripture is unchanging, but our comprehension of it is always changing, as the Holy Spirit shines his light upon his precious Word.
So good to journey with you
Chris x
John B
Just a thought Chris. There is a thought that scripture can be fulfilled at more than one level eg the Abomination of Desolation and so with Babylon the great power when Jeremiah wrote. Who can say what went through his mind when he wrote but I reckon it wasn’t looking forward 2600 years. I feel a bit like Daniel 12:4 who was told to seal the words up to the time of the end. We have been on similar journeys but I suspect neither of us on November 4th waking up to a stolen election realised how extensive, wicked etc the Babylon system is as we do now. I’ll be bold enough to declare that neither did my prophetic mentors for if they had they would have seen what we now see and responded appropriately. We are so privileged to be around for such a time as this.
Chris M
100% with you on this issue dear John.
I am a v strong believer in the biblical principle of layers of fulfillment within any given prophetic section of Scripture.
Johnny’s teaching has caught me completely by surprise.
I was forced to reject Kingdom Now theology, when it taught that Christ would not return unless and until the Church conquered the world!
That was plainly false theology.
But I now see that they were almost certainly working towards a far greater degree of influence in society.
However, having been a committed Christian for 45 years now, and having lived through numerous church implosion, I now see that UK Church movements have almost all tried to build the Kingdom , while rejecting the centrality of Israel in that Kingdom.
I have observed this many times in the UK.
The True teaching of Jewish roots attacks all denominational structures that act as barriers to authentic Christian fellowship.
And, in particular, it attacks and exposes the antichrist/empire spirit within denominations.
The LORD has spent 15 years teaching me these things. He has so changed the way I understand and read Scripture, that I describe the change as akin to a second born-again experience.
To conclude, there will be no renewal in the UK, unless and until the primacy of Israel in God’s plan of redemption is accepted and embraced.
Dig into any ministry that the LORD is now blessing and increasing, and you will discover this dynamic.
John B

It’s good to be challenged. My PB background taught the opposite to yours insofar they considered the world would get steadily worse and when the church is raptured Israel will come into its own. The downside is its pessimism that I see in pro Israel teachers like Farag and Prasch. The upside is its recognition of Israel when most churches went for replacement theology. I think both your church background missed important points while getting others. I suspect we will see much more in the coming days that will continue to surprise us but not Him.

4 thoughts on “Modern Babylon is fallen – Johnny Enlow

  1. Hi brother Richard!
    Hi have watched Johnny’s preceding two videos on ElijahList and they are also fantastic and relevant. The one you have featured is kind of nr 3 in the series if I can say so.
    Below their links:
    1) The return of Cyrus

    2) The mighty become nobody and the nobody become mighty

    God bless from Pretoria, South Africa

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