‘Sign’ to USA and the world in two unusual events on one day – Hank Kunneman

I’m grateful to Chris Moyler for kindly providing an introduction and rough transcript of this important word Hank Kunneman brought on the morn’ of Sunday 21st March. I’ve added footnotes for information purposes and emboldened certain text:

Dear Friends,
Very soon now, we will begin to see the fulfillment of God’s promise to tear down this illegal US government, and with this tearing down, to bring his salvation to the earth!
When this happens, and it is actually already in process, this will bring the separation of God’s true prophets from those who have not spoken in his Name.
Hank Kunneman is just one of a whole company of men and women who have stood unwavering through these four years of the Trump Presidency, believing that he would serve TWO consecutive terms, even though, as Kim Clement prophesied, there would be a time of TWO Presidents!
Here is a rough transcript of Hank’s latest word. If I am honest, I am very tired by this long time of change, this long drawn out reelection, but I know for certain that the LORD’s DIVINE REVERSAL will soon be upon us.
And I am so DEEPLY grateful for all the many men and women of truth who have not buckled during this incredibly difficult time of change.
Chris xx

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0:30 Blessings will come upon those who have had to endure a harsh season
– but the harsh season is coming to a close!
0:55 A revolution is upon you United States – of my light that overcomes darkness!
– my light, my truth, my justice, my righteousness shall prevail
1:15 I will do something VERY SOON – don’t ask “God when will You act?”
– it has already begun, but it will build and cause MOUTHS TO DROP OPEN!
– first, information will be revealed and men will say, “Is this true? Did this really happen?”
1:50 God says the evidence and information will be revealed to the whole world
– the Media will say “This is MISINFORMATION!” and “It’s CONSPIRACY!”
– but LISTEN: the Spirit of Truth will prevail in this time, and so shall the evidence of things done in secret will come to the top, the light expose the darkness of the deeds
2:15 THIS is the TIME God is speaking of, It is not the time of darkness, of the end of all things, but it is the time of MY GREAT SHOWING OFF and MY GREAT SHOWING UP!
2:35 I WILL PROVE to the scornful, mocker, scoffer, doubter who have said, “This shall not happen!” What God is speaking of is about to break forth and bring
– A GREAT CELEBRATION shall be upon you USA, and it will reach the world.
3:00 I will take away the OLD that I might establish the NEW in MY NEW ERA
– a new currency, a new revaluing, a new generation, new laws, and an overturning of that which they though they could do.
REJOICE! My people will rejoice! It is beginning to RAIN! It is beginning to RAIN!


4:20 There will be strange sights in the heavens, and strange sights and sounds across the earth.
DO NOT BE ALARMED by what is happening in the sky, in the soil.
4:45 I am shaking the heavens, earth, sea and dry land
5:00 SO Watch > The SOUNDS are the movement of my feet and of my hosts
– they are carrying out MY PLANS, therefore there will be.. 
– VERY QUICKLY, there will be the season of what will be known in the earth as THE REMOVAL
5:18 With the GREAT REMOVAL that will take place, I will establish MY PLAN, my FACES for that plan, and MY AGENDA to make this nation GREAT – it is the SEASON
5:45 Do not be alarmed by those who will be removed from the earth as it’s revealed
– do not be alarmed as the STENCH OF DEATH begins to fill the airwaves, of those who will be brought to justice, those who will turn upon their own sorts!
6:10 There shall be a great fleeing that shall take place, as it was when the Egyptian army realised a supernatural intervention of God had come
– and they said, “We must run, for their God fights for them.”
6:30 You will see with your eyes that I AM, and I will fight greatly for JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and for this Nation, SAYS THE LORD.
6:30 There will be a GREAT RUNNING, A FLEEING TO HIDE, but GOD says, “Where can you hide? What rock can cover you? What lie do you think you can cover yourself with?
7:00 This is the TIME of GREAT EXPOSURE and of GREAT REMOVAL
– the LORD says, “QUIT PUTTING YOUR TIME FRAME ON IT. Quit identifying YOUR day!”
7:25 Know that God has planned 2021 to be a year of continual victories and
– there will be spiritual fights, and earthly fights as they fight to cover up what I continue to reveal and to expose.
– EVERY WORD shall come to pass that you have proclaimed, O GOD!!

8:06 Something VERY UNUSUAL will happen. MARK IT DOWN!!
– you will see that GOD does something IN A DAY
there will be TWO specific events that will happen in one day.
8:29 One will happen in the morning and one will happen late in the evening
– you will say, “LOOK at these two significant events that have happened in one day.”
– when you see this, you will understand that I am breaking off the reproach, the iniquity, the plan, and the hold of the enemy in ONE DAY!
–  you will see it in your morning and you will see it in your evening, and it will make up ONE DAY!
9:00 AND It shall be A SIGN of the deliverance that I am bringing upon the Nation
– NOT just for you United States, but for the NATIONS OF THE EARTH!
Light breaking in, shattering the darkness. There is a stirring, as you walk among us.
11:20 Something is about to bust!
– I hear a sound of the cracking of the sky, the sound of the cracking of the whip [Hank repeats both thrice] the LORD’s whip, as he drove out the money changers, and those who were defiling his Temple
12:15 Shall not God drive out the injustice that is taking place?
12:35 It’s time for JUSTICE, and time to establish RIGHTEOUSNESS once again
12:50 We release the Royal Guard of THE HOST
– GO Royal Guard! Excel in strength! At the LORD’s command, at the sound of HIS WHIP! Hear the sound of the cracking of the sky….
14:20 PROPHESY, you who are watching! Something is beginning to happen!
something is about to crack in the sky!
– it shall be revealed in the sign of an abundance of rain, that something is about to crack in the air, as the JUSTICE OF GOD comes!
15:10 Hank recalls the scene in the Wizard of OZ, where the curtain was pulled, and it was revealed that it was all A CHARADE > A LIE!

  1. For an intro to Hank see article on five pertinent prophecies at The Elijah List.
  2. Yet again, there’s a direct allusion to Wheat & Tares parable in “Great Removal”.
  3. The one day’s double events sign also foretold one week earlier by Deborah Williams as deaths of leaders in the ‘House’ (White House and/or Congress)!

2 thoughts on “‘Sign’ to USA and the world in two unusual events on one day – Hank Kunneman

  1. I wake up every morning and look for news that God has started the reversal of the evil regime over the USA. I have prayed for an hour every day since last July and I am exhausted. I carry rejection from almost everyone that I speak to concerning my conviction that God has not finished with Trump. Maranatha come Lord soon.

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