Blackouts…Insurrection Act signed by President Trump – Fake news??

For those who don’t believe anything is taking place. Don’t read any further. For those who are awake, it is time to get provisions and any cash you may need just in case ATM’s and all electronic services go down. This is no drill. My purpose is to inform and to warn others of […]


21 thoughts on “Blackouts…Insurrection Act signed by President Trump – Fake news??

  1. I stumbled across this video yesterday on another platform – I can’t remember which one. It was from a website which had the name ‘Gaia’ as part of it. When I clicked on your blog link this morning and saw this video here, I was extremely troubled.

    1. We need discernment and wisdom from the Lord in these days as never before. The enemy is far more clever than all of us put together; without wisdom from the Holy Spirit, we are helpless.

    2. A quick search in the internet revealed that this man, Simon Parkes was once a councillor for Whitby (he calls himself an elected ‘politician’, but if you search for Simon Parkes MP, which is what is implied, you find that he was no such thing). The Guardian ran this article about him in 2012.
    There are other articles about him, and a video in which he calmly states that he is in touch with aliens. He is deeply into New Age ‘spirituality’, and if one checks the room in which he records the above video, one can see pyramids. He believes that his mother is an extra-terrestrial and he has offspring from another ET.
    His own website is here:
    His Parler account is here:

    3. In all seriousness, do we love the Truth above all things? Even when the Truth is not what we wish to hear? I watched the video with Lt. Gen McInerny over the weekend as well, and would like to believe that it’s true. I have watched the videos about Italygate, read LLin Wood’s output, seen the QAnon stuff, kept up with Twitter, Rumble, BitChute and Brighteon, Gab etc… There are SO MANY people out there who are posting rubbish, posing as people who ‘know’ things. I’d like to believe that Trump will win against all odds, but I must confess that I don’t know, because the Lord has not spoken to me. Are we looking for knowledge though, or are we focused on Jesus alone? No matter what happens, the Lord IS in control. Perhaps, PERHAPS this is their ‘hour, and the power of darkness’ (Luke 22:52). I don’t know.

    AT THE VERY LEAST, we should not be carried away by our soul-led hopes and accept ‘knowledge’ from demons. ‘This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.’ (James 3:15).

    I would like Trump to be President for another four years, yes, but no matter whether he will be or not, we know well that global government will be instituted eventually. It looks very much as if it will happen sooner than later, as pretty much all the pieces are in place. ‘When you see all these things happening, lift up your heads, for your redemption is drawing near ….’ (Luke 21:28)

    Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world.

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  2. With respect, this man, Simon Parkes, is a New Age demon channeller.
    He believes his mother is an extra-terrestrial and that he has 3 children from another alien. If you are a Christian, do you want to believe what demons tell you?

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  3. No doubt. I was into New Age beliefs too, before the Lord found me. What I am concerned about however, is that there seems to be an awful lot of dodgy ‘information’ coming from soulish sources who claim that Trump is going to have another 4 years, and many people so much want to believe it that they seem to have lost discernment. The Lord hasn’t spoken to me about whether Trump is going to have another 4 years – I can’t claim to know one way or another – He has however, spoken to my husband and told him that Trump was ‘an arbiter of wrath’.

    I’ve looked into the Italygate information too; so far, there seem to be a lot of issues with it. All I can say is that our focus must be on the Lord alone.

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    • Thanks and appreciate info Frances and agree great need for discernment. MY prime purpose in so many updates is to keep readers informed. Perhaps you know I try to track prophecies and report when they come to pass or are in that process?

      So I’m particularly interested in monitoring those on Trump, especially after my wife had an unexpected vision a few weeks ago of how the Lord sees him and sensed he will remain in office.

      I know Dr Sharon Stone and a couple of prophets under her authority, Emma Stark and Veronika West, the latter of whom’s had a number of accurate words and some akin to what your husband heard.


    • Frances, I think you have GREAT advice here. I was very hopeful about the fraud that was found in Italy, though. Can you explain (and give any links) concerning the “issues with it” that you have found? I don’t understand why the Pentagon would NOT do something about this fraud – unless their leaders are corrupt. 😦


  4. Hi Richard, I’m struggling a little with this post, since there doesn’t appear to be anything appearing “in the news” about this? 1500 Mon11

    I don’t do BBC /Sky /CNN Etc, but a broad net/filter isn’t reporting either, & they are very international?


  5. Frances, thank you for your comments. I have found them very helpful and very reassuring. I too have become increasingly troubled in recent days in a number of things being posted by Christians as.’true’, that are either facts unsupported anywhere else on the Internet, or from sources whose credentials raise as many questions as their claims.

    I too have found myself asking how much we want the Truth at all costs, however uncomfortable that may be. I have been mulling on Ezekiel 14 and the uncomfortable truth that if we, as His people individually or corporately, hold an idol, or an idolatrous desire before us, God will prophesy to us what we want to hear. Has the desire for Trump to have a second term become an idol? It seems that so many Christians have pinned their hope on him. Has a human concept of freedom become an idol? Is Jesus actually humbling His church in preparation for what He plans to do in the nation? There have been many prophecies about justice – Is justice/judgement beginning with the church? I don’t know, but I know and agree the precious church of Jesus needs discernment and wisdom in these days more than ever.

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    • Many thanks Hilary, ALSO pls accept my apologies for not having yet replied to your Thursday afternoon email to which I hope to reply later today. (Usually, personal ones take precedence in the post-New Year stack of couple hundred and Mon mornings are catch-up time but got diverted by y’days priority of lengthy blog ‘chat’!)


    • I have been thinking exactly the same thing, Hilary. Do we want the TRUTH, regardless how uncomfortable it is to our own personal wishes? If not, we will find ourselves working with the enemies of God.
      Again and again, the Lord has been saying to me, “My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it were, my followers would fight ….. But my Kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36)
      Yet people who claim to follow Jesus get drawn in by left and right wing arguments, and one politician or another. ‘Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.’ (Ps 146:3). Jesus said that in this world we would have tribulation and we are told that those who live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. So are we looking for earthly well-being, and that the ‘candidate of our preference’ gets in?
      When Joshua stood before Jericho, and was met by the Angel of the Lord, he asked Him, ‘Are you for us or for our enemies?’ and was answered: “Neither! I AM the commander of the Lord’s heavenly force.”
      In other words, are we willing to obey His commands? Or are we pleading with Him to fulfil what we want?

      God has a completely different perspective to ours. He sees the whole picture, He sees his end purposes, He is not limited by time as we are, and He uses the evil things men do to accomplish His own plans. “For God has put into their hearts to accomplish His purpose, and to do one purpose, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God will be fulfilled.” (Rev 17:17)

      The verse, ‘This is your hour and the power of darkness,’ (Luke 22:53) has been increasingly on my mind in recent weeks.

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      • Francis, Hilary – In that regard it’s time to tell of what’s been shared with a few only thus far:

        Four weeks ago y’day my wife returned from a walk saying she’d ‘met’ Donald Trump that morning! After shopping she meet a friend who’d sent us the clip of the two Trumps giving their video Christmas message !

        Whilst the ladies were chatting about local church, my wife unexpectedly got hit by Holy Spirit’s shaking and tingling and started chuckling, as did her friend.

        Then, as though she was hanging in the air, she saw right in front of her Donald Trump standing on the White House balcony with a huge halo of glory around him. She understands this was through the Lord’s eyes (ie giving His perspective) and indicates how He will use him to be His beacon to the world and church!


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