Vision in the Halls of the Capital – Charlie Shamp (GPS #52.2)

I was taken in a vision to Washington DC during our recent Glory Storm Conference. In the vision I was brought into a long hallway with many doors. As I looked I saw men standing in this hallway and upon each of their shoulders sat a demonic spirit that controlled them. Some of the men were in groups others were standing alone.

I began to see them go in and out of the doors. I heard the Lord say, “Do you see these men? They are the lobbyists and special interest groups that have manipulated millions of Americans through demonic legislation. They have used their power to control the government of this country. They have twisted the laws of America  to bring profit to themselves. These corrupted men have weakened the hands of the people and troubled them in building their own kingdoms. I will expose these manipulators and restore for America the fortune and wealth that has been lost.

I then saw every door in the hallway slam shut and a supernatural wind blew through. The wind was so strong that it blew these men out from the places they stood. The hallway was cleared by this supernatural wind and I again heard the Lord say,

“What you have seen is the extortion of the poor, the perversion of justice and the wickedness that has been in this  government for generations, but do not be astonished by the matter. For the high officials of this land are watched by the Most High. You have heard it said, ‘A just king gives stability to his nation, but one who demands bribes destroys it.’ For decades bribes have blinded the clear-sighted and subverted the cause of those who are in the right. Those wicked ones have accepted the bribes in secret to pervert the ways of justice. Many in this government are rebels and companions of thieves. They love bribes and run after gifts. They do not bring justice to the fatherless and the widow’s cause does not come to them. Have I not said, ‘Cursed be anyone who takes a bribe to shed innocent blood’?

“I am sending a cleansing wind now through the hallways of Washington DC to blow out cooperation corruption. Some that you see standing now in Congress in a short time you will see them no more. Some that you have seen standing in this hallway will be taken away from this place for good. So do not fear America, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you in this hour of need; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand and preserve you from destruction. I have raised up judges who will deliver you from the hands of those who plundered the nation. Again I say to you, those that have taken bribes will be exposed and brought to justice for all to see. Pay attention to Me and what I’m about to do. O My people, give ear to Me this day; For new laws will go forth and I will set My justice for a light in this nation. My righteousness is near and My salvation has gone forth in this hour. My arm will judge the people for it is not to short to save. The foundations of this nation will be restored in this generation. I say to those that stand in power; walk righteously and speak with sincerity, reject unjust gain. For those who walk righteously and speak with sincerity I will bless. Those that reject unjust gain will be granted a gift from above. For those that shake their hands so that they hold no bribes, those who stop the bloodshed of innocent lives, those that shut their eyes from looking upon evil will dwell in my safety and blessing. I say to you that your refuge will be the impregnable rock. I will bring bread from above to give to you and your water will be pure to drink. My words will be in your mouth and I will cover you in the shadow of My hand. I have planted the destiny of America in the heavens and I will use you to speak and reestablish the foundation in the earth.” 

Prophet Charlie Shamp, 2.11.2020


1.  Tuesday 3rd November, Elaine V emailed me:
‘Dear Richard, Have picked this little intro snippet on the USA Election from MSN news this morning and noticed the word “headwind” in the second line….. “Months of campaigning by President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden have underscored the polarization that will confront whoever wins, a headwind that will have to be navigated if the country is to make progress against a once-a-century pandemic that has killed some 230,000 Americans and left millions out of work…”

2. Monday 2nd I’d noted in blogging about Trump’s personal faith (Part 3 on his heart for the Kingdom) a prophetic word spoken over him on 18th October. So I’m revisiting to copy this:

As music played, Denise Goulet declared to the congregation that God had told her that morning the president would receive “a second wind.” The term, she said, had three meanings: Trump would be re-elected, he would be re-energized physically, and he would be filled by the Holy Spirit. “(God) said to me that you were the apple of his eye,” she said, addressing Trump. “He is protecting you like he is protecting the ancient foundations of this nation.”

3. Only now do I note that closing phrase is in accord with, and thus confirms, what I’d formulated whilst typing up my previous post, viz: “I conclude it is a clear sign of the Lord getting America back to its Bible-based roots and starting over again from a spiritually sound foundation.”

5 thoughts on “Vision in the Halls of the Capital – Charlie Shamp (GPS #52.2)

  1. The one thing that came into my mind is “Amazing Grace” My hope and prayers are for a victory for The Lord whose heart is aching for the USA to return to HIM with the Wind of The Spirit to blow across the Nation bringing peope back to their Christian Roots. On 11th November it will be 400 years since The Pilgrim Fathers ship The Mayflower arrived on the shores of America. A New Nation was born and His Name would become known across this “New World” Dear Lord. Please blow the Wind of Your Spirit across the land again.

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  2. I found this on a Christian website. The Bible is clear that God considers 400 years a spiritually significant time period. Whenever God wanted to prepare a nation for His purposes, He took 400 years:

    Abraham, the Father of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, lived 4,000 years ago.
    The Israelites were in bondage in Egypt for 400 years (Gen 15:13, Acts 7:6).
    The time span for the seven Judges of Israel was roughly 400 years (Judges 1-21).
    The “Divided Kingdom” lasted 400 years (1 Kings 12 – 2 Kings 25).
    The ministry of the prophets spans roughly 400 years.
    There were 400 years of silence from Malachi until Jesus was born.

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  3. I received the following from the Lord on 30/6/20
    The trumpet is trumping.
    The trumpet is sounding over the US.
    Donald Trump will serve a second term.
    The trumpet is drowning out the voices of opposition.
    The trumpet is calling the troops to war.
    Winds of the spirit blow across America.
    Blow over every state.
    The winds of change are blowing
    The winds of change are overthrowing.
    New life, new vision, new growth. The old has gone the new has come. Lift up your eyes and see the works of the Lord in this day.

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