Triple synchronisation of ‘jigsaw pieces’ on Time!

A week ago today three ‘invisible jigsaw’ pieces fell into place and left me in awestruck wonder. So, allow me to ‘blow your mind’ – or rather to open it up your spiritual senses!
1st Puzzle Piece

Last Monday lunch-time I had opportunity to open up a book Nina recommended a few months ago, and in which she’d left many coloured tabs.

I’d long been wanting to get back into that book dear ol’ Mahesh Chavda had given me when he was in Shoreham, East Sussex, maybe 10 years ago. So a half-hour opportunity over lunch, after taking Nina to an appointment, enabled me to dip into it.

I managed most of the first chapter of Watch Of The Lord (published 1999) but of several significant points in ‘The Birth of the Watch’, I was especially struck by his wife Bonnie’s description of a vision of the Lord:

‘Suddenly, the Lord came as though from behind and stuck His right arm…in front of my face. I was staring at His hand, wrist and forearm as though it was the arm of a man before my eyes…There was a place around His wrist in the distinct shape of a wristwatch, where the skin had not been darkened by the sun. Obviously, He usually wore His watch there and had done so habitually for a long time. But the watch itself was missing. He said, “My watch is being repaired” His tone was not casual – it was crucial!’

You can read all about this by enlarging the following photos of pages 11 & 12:

2nd Puzzle Piece

I returned home and was able to continue working on the 2,000th post, telling about an actual public library and a dream about its symbolical disappearance and replacement by the ‘cyber-library’ on this website. In fact, I was completing the list of ‘sections’ and ‘shelves’ with the extensive library that had been compiled on my ‘Watch’.

However, I noticed a notification of a posting by Tony Puccio over in Tucson, Arizona, had arrived whilst I was away. It reads as follows and you’ll note its exceptionally appropriate title (click title for direct link)

When I think of a gold watch I think of a pocket watch given to a retiree. Or a fancy wrist watch, i.e., a Rolex. In the dream I had last night I was given a gold wrist watch. I remember that there were people who tried to steal it from me and then there were others who wanted to buy it from me.

The following scripture was dropped into my heart following the dream.

Eph 5:15 — Eph 5:16 (NKJV Strong’s)
Walk in Wisdom
See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Time is a precious commodity that one cannot control and that which is given to is a gift from God. In the dream I mentioned people trying rather forcefully, I might add, to steal the watch from me. These represent people and things, I believe that either steal your attention, I call people like this energy drainers. The watch represented time which they may or may not know is a priceless commodity.Things represent those “things” that can dominate our time and the hours fly by. example, I remember when the internet first came out I would spend hours mindlessly searching it. The watch in my dream was on my wrist where it was both visible to me and others. It was not in my pocket where it would get an occasional glance at most. A portion of time is given to every individual and were are commended as Christians to redeem, make the most of every opportunity, the time because the days are evil.

I had a similar dream 8 years ago that I am reposting below (continue reading here)
3rd Puzzle Piece

Later, in the Monday evening I noticed the following notification arrived in connection with a comment made practically three months earlier to a blog that used the same title I’d got and been listing at the close of the post on my cyber-library in the Time:A Primer section – The Nature of Time:

Click/tap to read Patrick’s posting The Nature of Time

SO we have the arrival of THREE items synchronised within 8 hours of one another that are all connected in one way or another to time, telling time and the passage of time.

Don’t you think the Lord is deliberately pointing out something important’s happening or about to take place?


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11 thoughts on “Triple synchronisation of ‘jigsaw pieces’ on Time!

  1. Sometimes, for our time to be synchronized with the Lord’s time, we have to do seemingly crazy things (or at least crazy to the world system/unbelievers). We have to take up our cross and die daily, because we are not conformed to the world. It all hinges on obedience to the Lord.

    Two nights ago, I slept in this junked pickup in Hamilton, Montana. It got down to minus 1 degree F; I froze my toes pretty good. After I got some breakfast at a Burger King, I began walking down the road–thinking that I was going to hitchhike south to Salmon, Idaho.

    South of Hamilton, this Christian picked me up and took me to Darby, Montana. We had good fellowship. I told him that I went to his church (called The River) about three or four years ago; I thought he had a very good pastor who preached a very powerful message. (I went to The River back in 2015 because this older couple picked me up near Lost Trail Pass and invited me to go there for church. The husband told me that he had picked me up before in around 2006 where we then went to a church conference in Coer D’Alene, Idaho.) When he dropped me off, he gave me his address and told me to look him up the next time I was in Hamilton.

    South of Darby, I got a ride with a Christian couple to Sula where they bought me some hot chocolate and something to eat. I then walked down the road to look up someone who had given me three rides in the past few years. I walked up to his log cabin and knocked on the door. I waited a few minutes and he opened the door. He smiled at me and said, “Hey, Tim. Perfect timing. That was better than my alarm clock. I need to get ready to go to work.” We sat down for a short while and talked about a few things; I told him that his mom picked me up while I was hitchhiking out of Darby just a week before.

    So I left his cabin and walked south towards Lost Trail Pass on the Montana-Idaho border. I walked maybe a mile or so and this young man picked me up and drove me to just south of Dillon, Montana. He was going to Utah to go back to school; his route bypassed Salmon, Idaho, but I thought I would still try to make it to Rexburg, Idaho later that day. When we got to just south of Dillon, there was this roadblock: the traffic was closed because of blowing snow on I-15; there were a lot of cars and trucks parked on the road and at this gas station/cafe. I told the guy that when the Lord puts a roadblock in your path, you sometimes have to go in another direction.

    I got out of the car and started walking back north on I-15 towards Butte, Montana. As I walked up the ramp, this guy picked me up–I didn’t even have to wait or walk far (perfect timing). When I left Dillon, it was minus 2 degrees F. He dropped me off near Rocker, which is a couple of miles from Butte.

    I then walked west on I-90 hoping to make it to at least Drummond, Montana where I could camp out and hopefully stay warmer than if I had to sleep out in Butte (Butte is usually one of the coldest places in Montana in the winter). The wind was blowing very hard and I walked maybe less than a mile when this car pulled over to give me a ride.

    This guy was coming from north of Helena, Montana; he was originally from Orange County, California; he was driving to So Cal to see his wife. He was a Christian and we had great fellowship (perfect timing). We drove to Missoula and then south to Hamilton where I told him to drop me off. I was looking at the temperature and it said 5 degrees F and I didn’t want to sleep outside again that night. Sometimes the cold weather frustrates hitchhikers like myself; winter can be a challenge when trying to sleep outside at night.

    He drove me to a motel, bought me a room and I was so grateful. We shook hands and I wished him a blessed trip to California. I think it got down to 5 degrees F last night. I was grateful to be out of the cold.

    During my hitchhiking trip yesterday, I really didn’t do that much walking, I didn’t wait that long between rides. It was all such incredible GOD-TIMING it took my breath away. So after I leave the library here in Hamilton today, I will look up that guy who drove me from Hamilton to Darby yesterday. And maybe that was what the Lord wanted all along.

    His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. God’s timing is perfect timing.

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  4. I know it seems very insignificant on comparison, but out of the blue the Lord said ‘shelves’ to me today and I was mystified. I was reading this amazing post whilst also chatting with a friend about trying to fit all I do into a day. I suddenly saw the word ‘shelves,’ jump from the page. When I had heard the word earlier I felt Him explain that its time to shelve the unnecessary works and redeem my time.

    The cares of this world get you in a spin an you become too dazed to see you are wasting precious time on unnecessary works. The enemy comes in to steal your time, and in this time on history we need to be trimming our lamps in readiness.

    Years ago, I also had a dream of walking on the beach and seeing furniture and a large clock just lying there, discarded. I went and picked them all up, and felt the Lord say, they stole all of this from the Jewish people. I took them to the synagogue and knocked on the door, and it opened just a tiny crack and fearful faces peeped out.

    When they saw the clock and the papers I had in my hand they threw open the double doors, laughing and crying.

    They showed me the clock had been ripped from the altar so that they couldn’t tell the time, and the papers were documents who proved who they all were. I then woke and felt the Lord impress on me that It is Time! Time to bring it all back, to each his place and tine and knowledge of who he is. I have not shared this until now. God bless you all xxx

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    • WOW, so fantastic and am bowled over again because….I had to dash this out, in view of rapidly approaching 6pm cut-off for evening meal (my wife about to serve up), and found myself being strongly nudged to use NOT terms of menus and hubs as in 2000th post, but those used in the Preamble to my Prophecy Library:- ie library shelving!!!


  5. I read Graham from Plymouth comment on Significant spiritual signs re tower babel last night. The night before I had watched a recording of Simon Reeve’s Middle East tour where he was with refugees hiding near a border in Morocco waiting to try and get into Europe via Spain. One of these was talking to Simon saying “We need to get to Babylon” – I think Simon asked if he meant Iraq but he said no – Europe. “You call Europe, Babylon?” “Yes” the refugee casually said, as if Simon should have known that all along!

    I hope you receive this as I do not use either twitter or facebook,



  6. How amazing! We are indeed living in times where as you say, spiritually, the pieces are falling into place! By the way, I was at that conference you refer to; Mahesh and Bonnie J. John and Canon Andrew White were also speaking, if it’s the same one? Thank you for faithfully sharing these insights. God bless.


    • Thank you Margaret. If I recall correctly we heard about that conference at short notice and attended for one evening only, so am unsure if the others were speakers, We took an elderly friend who was a newish believer from church who told us off upon returning home because he thought we’d divulged a confidence to Mahesh. He’d never come across a prophet who could tell him such personal things from the Lord! (Also, he’d gone down in the Spirit for the first time.)


      • Yes, Mahesh has a remarkable gift of the Word of Knowledge. My friends and I travelled down from Aberdeen to attend. It was a very blessed weekend for us. I pray that more Christians would recognise that the whole issue of Brexit is a huge spiritual battle! It’s not merely about economics!! Britain has indeed made an idol of the EU, placing unwarranted trust in what is in fact a dark and sinister organisation instead of in God. Apostate churches have aided and abetted this.


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