Europe recognised as modern ‘Babylon’ – guess by whom!

A couple of comments submitted this week offer informative insights into the scriptural and contemporary recognition of the European Union as being akin to ancient Babylon, in addition to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg being built like the Tower of Babel. That brought by a Muslim refugee seeking entry into Europe is exceptionally striking:

Graham of Plymouth commented as follows on this blog’s Contact page:

‘Hi all
‘I am new to Richards Watch and have found it very interesting; confirming many things I have felt; and helping me to pray more specifically. I wanted to share something I feel the Lord shared with me. ….

‘Just after the referendum in 2016 I was chatting to the Lord.
I asked him why the result was 51.8% to leave. Why wasn’t it 52%?!
As I pondered this question I looked up a few chapter 51 verse 8s and this is what Jeremiah 51.8 says…

8 But suddenly, Babylon will fall
and be destroyed.
I, the LORD, told the foreigners
who lived there,
“Weep for the city!
Get medicine for its wounds;
perhaps they will heal.”

‘This seems to confirm what many are saying; that the EU is a type of Babylon; that it is sick and corrupt through and through and will fall before long.

‘Verse 9 continues…

9 The foreigners answered,
“We have already tried
to treat Babylon’s wounds,
but they would not heal.
Come on, let’s all go home
to our own countries.
Nothing is left in Babylonia;
everything is destroyed.”

‘On Richards Watch I have read contributors who say the EU can’t be saved or reformed and this seems to confirm this. I also found it interesting how “foreigners” discuss the situation and decide to go home to their own countries!

‘Confirmation if we needed it that the EU is in a mess and it’s time to leave!’

Graham kindly agreed to copy this observation onto the recent post on the exposure of The Spiritual Nature of Brexit vs EU Battle, as well as to the reference page featuring the EU’s Tower of Babel shown at the start of Significant Spiritual Signs.

About that last entry, Margaret now comments at Triple Synchronisation of ‘Jigsaw Pieces’ as follows (emphases mine):

‘I read Graham from Plymouth comment on Significant Spiritual Signs re tower babel last night. The night before I had watched a recording of Simon Reeve’s Middle East tour where he was with refugees hiding near a border in Morocco waiting to try and get into Europe via Spain. One of these was talking to Simon saying, “We need to get to Babylon” – I think Simon asked if he meant Iraq, but he said no – Europe. “You call Europe, Babylon?” “Yes” the refugee casually said, as if Simon should have known that all along!’

On behalf of us all, I thank you Graham and Margaret for such helpful contributions.

Now, what do ordinary Muslims know that Eurocrats, ordinary Europeans, politicians as well as many churchgoers here don’t?  Could that remark explain why Muslims were the religious grouping most in favour (69:31) of Britain staying in the EU (source)?

Is that Muslim’s opinion not a severe indictment upon our spiritual ignorance!

2 thoughts on “Europe recognised as modern ‘Babylon’ – guess by whom!

  1. Babylon is a spiritual city; Babylon is a spiritual kingdom. The EU is definitely a part of spiritual Babylon. The Deep State in the United States and around the world is also a part of spiritual Babylon.

    The Babylonish Church


    The Hidden Streets of Babylon
    By Tim Shey

    With selfwork
    By traditions of men
    Stumble down the hidden streets of Babylon
    You are a puppet on a hellish string

    Many words are spoken
    Sterile speech into vacant air
    This is how the heathen pray
    The Lord wants your heart
    No faith, no life, no Jesus
    I am surrounded by white-washed walls

    Summa Theologica is for aesthetes
    Solus ecclesia echoes nothing
    Most Latin is Greek to me

    Rituals and liturgy
    Feed the pride
    Of the unsaved seminarian

    The Council of Whitby
    Ushered in the Dark Ages
    We have strayed
    From the Word of God
    And His inspired Scriptures

    Idolatry is a habit
    Worn by blind people
    Watch them
    Groping, crawling
    In a dark, overchurched ditch

    Living by sight
    And the wisdom of this world
    Is fashionable and insane
    Its compass points the maddening crowd
    To nowhere
    It paves a smooth, broad path
    To perdition

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