Fulfilled Prophecies #31: ‘Brexit’ Becomes British Law

On Tuesday 26th June 2018, 733 days after the Referendum of voters’ preference for either remaining in or leaving the European Union, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave her Royal Assent to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and it became an Act of Parliament.

In its press release the Dept for Exiting the EU states, ‘This historic Act will make sure the UK’s laws – entwined with over 40 years of EU law – continue to work from the day we leave, ensuring a smooth and orderly exit. It does this by transferring EU law into UK law where appropriate and creating temporary powers to correct the laws that will no longer operate appropriately.

‘Now that the Act has become law, the Government can start to use the powers in the Act to prepare our statute book for our exit from the EU. Work on this will begin in the coming weeks as Departments start to lay the relevant secondary legislation in Parliament.

‘This marks the next essential step in ensuring that the UK is ready for life after we have left the European Union.’ (Click above link for Secretary of State David Davis’ remarks.)

Credit Ton Snoei – Prophecy TodayUK

On a personal note, I’m extremely pleased that my eligibility to vote for the first time in early 1970’s has at long last been overturned. My late father annoyed me by saying, “You can’t put wise heads on young shoulders!”, but I was an idealist fresh out of the hippy era and its ‘Age of Aquarius’ that looked for a ‘brave new world’. Having grown up under the real threat of MAD (mutually assured destruction) nuclear war, objected to the atrocities of the never-ending Vietnam war and the global threats of communism versus rampant capitalism, the saner concept of a European Common Market keeping both of them apart offered the promise of a future of peace, prosperity and security. I suppose that could be why many Millennials prefer to remain in the EU – but ‘oldies’ have lived through and seen its increasingly undemocratic megalomania and say, “Beware!”

Perhaps Her Majesty was pleased to affix her signature to the final version of the Bill?

Did you note the sequential number (#31) of this ‘fulfilled prophecy’? (The title is in the plural because there are so many prophetic visions and words about this critical matter – see linked compilation).

I wasn’t going to use that phrase in the title but got suddenly and strongly nudged! AND LOL – I assure you this hasn’t been engineered, because I realised that’s the numerical reverse of number #13 (‘unlucky for some’) which happens to be used for the Noakes’ prophecy about the fall of the EU…!!

Could the Lord be using this to confirm or hint at something??

Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration

PS. SERVER FOLLIES! Absolutely fascinating that after I saved this draft and hit the ‘preview’ button the pc screen went totally blank and unresponsive for a minute or more! Slowly it returned to life as one tab-screen after another licked back on but nothing on WordPress as a server note indicated it was trying to access the cache. Then I added this PS and hit ‘publish’ – BUT the finished article doesn’t show on blog’s home page!!

Then I find it in listing of posts showing a publication time stamp of 13:24, whereas the email notification of this new post shows ’16:45′. WEIRD! WordPress’ proxy servers must be falling out of synchronisation. So instead of being top post it’s second down the home page! Don’t you just love it!

NB: The few times such cyber-chicanery happens to be when I’m working on a critical topic; or is it just coincidence – or maybe my accidentally using two editing tab-screens?

8 thoughts on “Fulfilled Prophecies #31: ‘Brexit’ Becomes British Law

      • Direction (posted 21 July 2016)

        As I was sitting at a business convention today, I saw a vision. I am posting it because it is staying with me. In the vision I see what I believe to be the country of England. Then, as I watch, I see it change to a directional arrow. I see the arrow pointing towards what I believe to be Europe. Then I saw multiple directional arrows pointing outward from the original directional arrow. The arrows I saw were not like the ones that would be shot from a bow. They were, as I previously stated, directional arrows. That for the moment is all I know to put down. As the Lord shows me more I will post

        Brexit (posted 1 July 2016)

        I had a vision just before going to bed the night of 06/30/2016 and it has stayed with me upon waking. In the vision I saw Europe except it was broken up in pieces with each piece floating independently in the ocean. I saw people on each of these pieces with oars in their hands and they were all trying to row their individual piece towards each other but to no avail. Then I heard a voice say , “What’s done is done”.

        Later on that day I saw the same pieces as I describe above only instead of people with oars, I saw people with fishing poles and their lines were dropped into the ocean. I take this to be evangelism. Possibly evangelism could be a result of these events

        I entitled the posting Brexit because this is what I sensed the vision had to do with.

        I encourage all who read this vision to take it to the Lord and see what He says.

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    • Thanks – As I still can’t get to your site I was going to ask you to do that. WP’s UK>US links must be wonky. (Maybe it’s because they’re not usual form of url but from your searching?) Even so, ace timing as I’m about to close down for dinner and long weekend. have a very blessed one yourself.


  1. I think many people voted for the Common Market because they thought it was just that (I was just too young to vote either way). They didn’t realise the many ramifications that ensued from that. Years later, I found out that there had been some people wanting some kind of ‘Federal State of Europe’ right back in the 19th century!
    On the face of it of course, it all seems like a very grand idea (and after all, many disparate small kingdoms over the years have become one..like in England for example…and also Scotland, N Ireland, Wales and England becoming the UK. But I think that (more or less) works, partly because we are on a smallish piece of land and perhaps our various cultures, traditions and customs have been able to adapt and integrate relatively easily, plus our island has had to face common threats from other countries over the centuries (though I’m no historian and certianly can’t vouch for the validity of my thoughts).
    Many people worry about how Britain will fare after Brexit..but how can anyone realistically know what will happen? Not sure how many wealthy (and not so wealthy) people were expecting the Great Depression for example. One can never tell, whatever governments (or the people) decide how things will work out. The only thing to do is stick to God, pray for what He sees is best and trust Him, whatever may come. But unfortunately there are so many who don’t believe in God, let alone understand His higher purposes.

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    • MOST interesting as I’ve thought Eire’s PM is on very dodgy ground in being used by EU to hamper/prevent Brexit because the shaking and fall of EU would include Eire. Our prayers have always been for ‘British Isles & Ireland’ and so I’ve long wondered if our holy destiny is to be together yet politically different.

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    • Yes, I’m always a tad wary when I read newspaper reports…especially ever since I was in a car accident in the seventies (only minor, had to go to hospital, but not much harm done) and the local rag, in two extremely short paragraphs, got three things wrong! As it happened, it wasn’t inportant enough to make a jot of difference to anything…but it did make me more sceptical, at least until there are hard and fast facts.
      But we are living in very interesting and potentially scary times…I rather fear for my children and grandchildren, one way or the other.

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