Synopsis of posts on unsealing the Book of Daniel

To continue our theme on Daniel:

In view of the multi-level aspect of prophetic scripture recognised by biblical scholars of both Classical and Dispensational persuasions – and thus hinting at the cyclical fulfilling of prophecy – together with the ‘Act of God’ Iranian earthquake on Israel’s 70th Anniversary, we now start considering the prophetic instruction Daniel received from a heavenly messenger – and praying that we be blessed in its becoming ‘unsealed’.

I’m not alone in having my attention drawn to this book because one of the scholars whom I’ve re-blogged on Richard’s Watch is now publishing fresh insights. As in the previous post, it’s only one of many references to Daniel which have popped up since Resurrection Sunday!

Therefore and on the understanding that most readers are familiar to some extent with the Book of Daniel, it would be helpful to take stock of what I’ve already blogged on the ‘unsealing’ of the vision recorded in its 11th chapter, as may be inferred from.:

“But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” (Daniel 12:4 NKJV)


First, in all humility I share a pertinent prophetic word spoken over me by Isabel Allum within months of my starting to email friends on End-times (archived on this blog):

“An impartation like Daniel had is going to come into you and you will start understanding the ‘riddles’ of the Lord in a different way – the gift of interpretation itself as Daniel and Joseph had is going to come to you and God is going to open up your understanding to hear from heaven”. (2009)

The following extracts from earlier posts summarise this blog’s coverage of some of Daniel’s visions for which the Lord has yet to grant fullness of revelation and wisdom:

In blogging All Hail The Lamb on 24th January 2013 about my dream in 1992 of the fall of Islam, I refer to Paul Keith Davis on Daniel in his Books of Destiny.:

‘Much of Daniel’s revelation and many of his visionary encounters centred upon a future generation identified as (literally) ‘end-of-the-days’. He was a forerunner of a company of end-time saints who will be esteemed by God and awarded mighty revelatory inspiration and insight. In many ways God’s role in his life offers a prophetic model for us to follow. Likewise, we can also use Daniel’s model to discern the enemy’s plans against the destinies of God’s people. In Daniel 10 (chapter here)…we read of one of the incredible visitations bestowed (which) was not without intense resistance from unseen sinister forces. In his vision Daniel discovered a dark entity called the…(to read page copied from PKD’s book see end-section of this post via above link).

Two years later Nelson Walters blogs at The Gospel In The End Times, ‘In my opinion the root cause of most of the arguments in the church about end times stems from a little-realized fact: God has prevented us from understanding the book of Daniel in the Old Testament where most of our end-time prophecies originate. If you read Daniel, it won’t be obvious. It appears to be like any other book of the Bible. The story of Daniel in the lion’s den and all the other words Daniel wrote are exactly the same as they were nearly 2,500 years ago in ancient Babylon. But God has supernaturally placed a “clay seal” with his holy imprint on them and kept their full meaning secret until the “time of the end”. “But you, Daniel, keep the words secret and the book sealed until the time of the end.” (Dan. 12:4 NRSV)’…God will give his church understanding of the sealed verses and prophecies when they have need of them. I believe the time of the end is already upon us.” (On Unsealing Daniel’s Prophetic Visions, 31st Jan 2015)

On 2nd Feb 2015 I write in Incredible Timing of Unsealing and Keys re Daniel’s Visions; ‘This must rank as one of the most amazing examples of ‘God-incidence’ I’ve ever come across. And it’s Invisible Jigsaw and Bridge over the ‘Pond’ tags all rolled into one! (Not to mention anything to do with ‘Time’!, as blogged a year ago.) Just in case readers didn’t notice a brief but significant contribution to the last post, On unsealing Daniel’s prophetic visions, I’m repeating it below…’ (That is, as in following paragraphs):

On 31st Jan 2015 Tony Puccio of Tucson, Arizona, blogs in Daniel Keys of a vision that stayed with him for two days. “But you, go your way till the end; for you shall rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the days.” (Daniel 12:13 NKJVS)

Hand Giving Key _Chaiwat

“The vision I saw comes at the end of Daniel’s vision. Daniel was told to go because the vision concerned the end. What I saw is where Daniel’s vision took place but I saw a man with a key ring on his hip and I saw books being handed out to people, I believe I was one of the people, with a key-hole on the front cover of the book. No-one could open the book given to them unless the man holding the keys gave them the key to open the book given to them. Daniel was not given the ‘key’ to understand the meaning of what was being shown to him in his vision. In mine there were people, not many, that were given books to be opened and read when the ‘key’ was handed to them.’

[Also read Tony’s dreams in Daniel Keys cont’d and Daniel Keys, the 70th Week.]

On Good Friday 2015, Charles Shamp taught on the coming September’s fourth blood-moon as marking the beginning of the time of the Army of God. He believes it starts a two-year period that’s open for all believers, but especially for a glorious company praying things from the Age to Come. Thus, the two years until September 2017 will be an extra-special period, not judgmental and destructive.

In answering his “Why September 23rd 2017?”…Charlie answers by talking about the prophet Daniel, whom he thinks could enter the ‘heavens’ and live in the future. There, he learnt about astronomical events for the time appointed for the Messiah’s birth in Bethlehem. Accordingly, Daniel could see that ‘star’ and bequeathed this knowledge to his school of Magi, as well as arranged in advance for them to present specific gifts to the Christ-child. That is, Daniel was living in and operating out of the Glory of God within ‘The Age to Come’! (Supermoon Monday’s Blood Moon & The Age To Come, 29th Sept, 2015)

In 2016 Nelson Walters writes, ‘Daniel’s prophecy of the “70 Weeks” may be the most important prophecy in the Bible and the most amazing. Its sweeping panorama allowed the wise in ancient Israel to know the exact timing of the arrival of Jesus upon his first coming. It also provides incredible details about Jesus’ second coming. Although I’ve never done an article on the 70 Weeks before, I have received dozens of questions and comments about the prophecy. So I thought it wise to do a detailed study of it. When I say it is “the most important” prophecy, obviously that is a hyperbole. All prophecies are important, but a prophecy that foretells the entire plan of salvation, redemption and deliverance is pretty important. (The Most Important Prophecy In The Bible.)

Talking in March 2016 about what’s happening in churches across Britain, Malcolm Duncan, pastor of Goldhawk Road Baptist Church, felt divinely led to refer to two well-known modern prophecies:

“Is God saying something with these two things? The 50th year after Jean Darnall’s prophecy, a year of jubilee. The 70th year after Smith Wigglesworth prophecy, just like there were 70 years of captivity for Israel…I feel like Daniel must have felt like when he found Jeremiah’s promise after 70 years and said, after 70 years I am going to do something.’

I blog: ‘NOW, this leads into something I’d intended to finish relating to revelations upon timings received last April. I will be more concise than when I was trying to formulate and clarify what I was learning.: As in those posts, Charlie (Shamp) relates that date to the prophet Daniel’s forecast and bequest to the Magi of his revelation on ‘The Star of Bethlehem’; a reappearance of which is expected in astronomical stellar and planetary alignments of 23.9.2017 (note: not astrology!). More specifically, this future event relates to Revelation 12:1 – John’s vision of the woman clothed with the sun. (For more read Nelson Walters Who Is the Woman of Rev.12?) My reaction was – “My 70th birthday’s the day before!”. So the 23rd September 2017 will start a new 70-year period for me.’ (2017: Significance of 70 Years & Wigglesworth Vision, 11th April 2016)

Then last year, in a footnote to his guest post God’s Bookends (20th Sep 2017), Mark Maddock writes, “I’ve (earlier) mentioned ‘Almost Midnight’ by Richard Thompson..he gIves a strong biblical chronology case for 2018 being a next key way-marker; possibly then leading to Daniel’s 70th week? ” (Emphases mine.)

In Three Days’ Prophetic Jigsaw Pieces, 22nd September & Daniel’s 70th Week, written on my 70th birthday I muse: ‘Kicking around the prophecy-related dates of yesterday and tomorrow with the Lord and the fact He’s been showing me the significance of a few events in my lifelong journey, I wondered about the middle-day – today 22nd September, my 70th birthday, and maybe a possible relevance in scripture. The well-known references to 70 years in Daniel popped into mind: the duration of the Jewish exile in Babylon and the famous prophetic word he received, oft referred to by eschatologists – the ’70 weeks’…

‘So, I cannot but wonder if ‘Daniel’s 70th Week’ may be about to start, especially in view of yesterday’s ‘coincidental’ association with Apostle Paul’s foretelling the ‘season’ of the Day of the Lord as described in the Three Day’s Prophetic Jigsaw Pieces….’

Therefore, what’s for this year? Let the surprises continue Lord.

Next, we’ll revisit that last item to read the 70 weeks prophecy in full and learn about the unusual preservation and transmission of the Book of Daniel. This will put us in a good place to consider the orthodox Jewish perception of Daniel’s prophecy, but upon which Jesus gave authoritative insight in His End-times discourse on the Mount of Olives. Together with an outline of Richard Thompson’s thesis, we should have a good foundation for considering why 2018 may be significant in unsealing Daniel…

Credits: Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: – Hand Giving A Key by Chaiwat, courtesy]

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    • Thanks but this is new to me Phil and am unaware of any link to last year’s 23 Sept. The purpose of this post is simply to gather and thus easily summarise previous ideas
      in case they may be useful in what I want to cover on Daniel and 2018.


      • Thanks Richard, I was reading one of your articles and moved onto to a couple of more elsewhere and just intrigued to see a 23 September date pop up in both and both referencing Daniel. I can’t really get my head around this topic but interesting all the same.


  1. I just raise another thought bubbling away in my head. I have long been interested in Padre Pio and I know that he died 50 years ago this year 23 September 1968.


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