Sacred space in a busy world? – take a Quiet Day

Acorn Q-day2If you have a day to spare you may like to consider the next Quiet-Day at Acorn, Sacred Space in a Busy World  (click for details). Located near the A3 in East Hampshire it’s easily accessible from Surrey, West Sussex and London. Maybe it’s time for you to have a day out with Him?

Busy bashing my blog on Thursdays I’m giving up next week’s for time out with the Lord. As you may have gathered from Not blogging but…, it was well-worth my attending a recent day Quiet Day.

Acorn Q-day1That day’s focus was on how to sit, walk and stand, as Paul teaches in his letter to the Ephesian church. Additionally, I gained confirmation from the Lord about the blog’s theme at that time, plus some other personal scriptures. This subsequently bore fruit in reading and later discussing the Book of Daniel as a result of Nelson Walter’s thought-provoking blog, which I hope to cover soon.

I went on that day trying to put aside concerns about how to reschedule what was in the pipeline until the next week. From the outset I was amazed, so there wasn’t any need for concern. It all proved to be in the Lord’s hands for, as in Romans 8:28, He works out all things to the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

[Graphics courtesy of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation.]

2 thoughts on “Sacred space in a busy world? – take a Quiet Day

  1. You know what? I had an amazing filling of Jesus’ love Friday night and haven’t been the same since. I don’t think of anything but glorifying Jesus and being in a pool of love with Him. Yeah, I’m getting things done but almost like I’m not doing it myself cause my focus is so much on Him. I am in awe!

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