Let’s boast in who Jesus Christ is, because…

Let him who boasts boast in the Lord (2 Cor 10:17 NIV)
For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9 NKJV)

One of the latest comments on this YouTube version reads:

“I’m not looking for likes I just want to share this. I was lying in bed watching this with a badly scraped knee to where I could not move it. After 2 minutes passed a hot chill shot through my body and my pain stopped and I could fully move my leg. I felt the love and passion from God through me. Please if you believe this was the power of the loving beloved, please respond with amen. I lift your name on high.” (KPX)


If you’re a visitor to this blog and don’t believe in Jesus Christ I invite you to consider my few notes, Do You Know Jesus?  On that page hear Shadrach Meshach Lockridge tell where God came from and how He created everything – it’s a clever, brief exposition and asks the same question, “Do you know Him?”

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4 thoughts on “Let’s boast in who Jesus Christ is, because…

  1. Love it, my Pastor had such a word from the Lord 2 weeks ago and although he knew it was from the Lord it sounded so impossible the mind staggered, nevertheless, he gave it, I had a witness with it because of what the Lord had been showing me whilst away on holiday and went to home and watched Church His Presence it was Pat Schatzline and this was part of his message and I just knew it was what we needed to do. Managed to get the words and sent it to Pastor, one of the scriptures he had been given was Numbers 11:23 has my arm waxed short – and the answer is No its not – Richard I think your spot on, we need to brag more on what God has/can and wants to do, He is the King of Kings and He is our King – no wonder God sits in heaven and laughs its about time we joined in. Thanks for encouraging us

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    • Terrific! Am pleased you reacted the same way to Pat because his focus prompted me to highlight the video by ‘resurrecting’ it from a menu page published in April 2012. So interesting he stressed the Lord told him this is what makes the difference between meetings where there’s lots of healing miracles and none!


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