Prophetic words for 2013 from Dr Sharon Stone

Windsor 2Forget about the Mayans’ calendar, here’s my transcript of Dr Stone’s revelatory teaching for 2013 given at the Mercure Windsor Castle Hotel on 3rd November. This hotel is close by the world-renowned residence of Queen Elizabeth II.  Built after the Norman Conquest, Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.

When Sharon receives and delivers words from the Lord she speaks rapidly to avoid the hindrance of mental analysis.  Hence, what He’s saying is brought as clearly as possible. In this first session of the day Sharon had a lot of material to cover as quickly as possible. So it is better to read this transcript as a continuous, whole piece.

Therefore, paragraphs and coloured text have been introduced only for ease of reading. I’ve made only minor editorial clarifications and inserted the first two sub-headings for ease of reference. Sharon’s varying vocal emphases are conveyed by underlined and, where stronger, emboldened text.

Also, except for opening and closing prayers, other prayers, intercession, declaration, impartation, commissioning etc, shown <…>, have been omitted. Those who purchase the CDs direct from CIEurope will be blessed upon hearing the prayers.

So, in your mind’s eye come and sit with me on the back row of upholstered chairs in the hotel’s ballroom. Practically all seats are taken and as the worship leader, his wife and an accompanist leave the stage petite Sharon enters, opens in prayer and makes a few announcements. Her soft American accent adds the charm to clear diction as we  listen carefully and follow her fast-paced teaching.:


Rev Dr Sharon Stone, Senior Minister Christian International Europe; courtesy CIE“Father, we declare that you would open the eyes of our understanding, Father that we may be able to see and perceive the things we could not before.

“Now as we begin to move into revelation it’s difficult not to list it because you’re trying to say so much, so if you’ll give me grace in doing that there’s several things that have to be listed. But, in saying that, I also recognise that you are God’s prophetic people – that you’re hearing some of the same things, or you may be hearing more in one direction than I’m hearing, or even a different area than I’m hearing – and what we want to know is that I do not believe that when I bring forth a prophetic word it’s “the beginning” or “the end” of what The Spirit of God is saying; it’s just my part that God has given me at that time. But I also believe there are different types of prophetic gifting, and I realise that about myself.

“I am not called to deny the darkness, or even the judgement or the shaking that is going on in the earth, but the type of prophet I am is; I am called to be a voice of hope and solution in the midst of the darkness and in the midst of the shaking. And so it is not a denying of the one or the other.

“And so as we speak these things today I think that the season that we’re moving into can no longer be measured by a year: we say “Give me a word for this year”. I believe this is a ‘roll-on’ season for the Last Days and it just keeps rolling forward. And so we cannot any longer say this is where something began or that is where it ends.

“We have a panel this morning and they are going to bring forward some of their revela-tion for the season and I think we’ll find that’s true for their words too; it’s not something that begins or ends with a date on a calendar. It’s a rolling forward of what the Spirit of God is doing…so I’m going to jump right in:


“On my last trip to Israel I had this strong urge and I kept asking my guide, “Do you think you could take me to the Mount of Transfiguration?”, “Do you think you can find time on this trip to get me there?” You know I’ve studied and know there’s a couple of places that people thought it might be – probably on Mount Hermon, there’s three different summits up there – and you know the Word of God says Jesus took his disciples and they went up on the summit.

“The best we could do the whole time I was there was we could get close enough to see it and we could see the three summits and I wondered when I left, why was this type of urgency in my spirit that I wanted somehow to connect to the Mount of Transfiguration. I’m going to use that as an introduction and a launching point into this season’s revelation.

“In Mark 9.1 Jesus said, “Assuredly I say to you there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Kingdom of God present with power”…

“Now we know that it was not unusual for Jesus to speak about the Kingdom of God, so what He was doing here was He was speaking about another dimension of Kingdom revelation, and that’s what I’m speaking over you. Another magnitude of His Kingdom Come – another scale of His Kingdom is here – another level of His Kingdom is with you – a deeper meaning of His Kingdom is at hand – and a greater manifestation of His Kingdom has come. < Lift up your hands in this place. Father… >

“Now, where I read the verses of that scripture, the reason I started with that is that it says they would see the Kingdom of God present with power. Now what most people do is the stop that verse at that point and they begin a different story at verse 2 – “Now after six days Jesus took Peter, James and John and led them up a high mountain apart by themselves and He was transfigured before them”.

“So right after He’s showing them a different, a fresh dimension, or a manifestation, of His Kingdom, He took a few and went up the mountain and there He was transfigured.  And I have to look at those words and I say what does ‘transfigured’ look like? Verse 3 – “His clothes became shining, exceedingly white, like snow such as no launderer on earth can whiten them”.

It was His glory that was evident, of Him being transfigured, wasn’t it? That shining, that brightness, the whiteness that no level of launderer could possibly bring Him.

Now with that in mind, hold this: Romans 12.2 – “And be not conformed to this world but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good the acceptable and the perfect will of God.”

That same word, ‘transformed’, is the exact same word that is used here where it says “Jesus was transfigured”. And I believe that as we’re moving into this season God is saying that He wants to bring His glory upon you, He wants to bring His transformation ability upon your mind so that you can think God’s thoughts and you can think God’s ways and that you can align and that you can partner with them, even in a greater way, proving what is the good, proving what is the acceptable and even proving what is the perfect will of God in any situation.

“And I also believe this: the Lord wants you to be a voice of hope in any situation. < Lift your hands, Father…>”


“Now I honestly believe, and I’ll talk more about this in our time of national prayer, I want to talk about this: where you are positioned is what you see and so this evening I want to talk a little about being seated in heavenly places.

“When you pray, from your position in the earth, it’s usually only a prayer of petition because it’s; “O help God, look at this mess and look at all that’s happening in the world, and look at the chaos. Look what’s happening on the news…the abuse that’s going on…the tyranny…injustice… lives that are lost.”

“There’s nothing wrong with praying that prayer of petition…but when you’re seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus and you’re looking at things from a different  perspective, from a fresh paradigm that God is showing you, when you are looking at things from that place there is a different focus, and the Bible says that there will be a day when we will even look upon Satan and say, “That, is the little worm that has tormented the world and tormented the nation? That’s a little worm!”

“What is that? – it’s perspective. He didn’t shrink in size – it’s the perspective of your position! If there is one word I can say covers this season it is:

“Your perspective based upon where you are seated in releasing hope and the solutions of God to whatever you’re facing personally, business-wise, your churches, your ministry, your region, your nation – I don’t believe you need to go in and tell people simply what their problem is…and for so long we have looked at the prophetic as just identifying the problem.

“Now there are times when we honestly don’t know, where we have blind spots, where we just can’t figure it out and we need God to bring clarity, but for the most part we know our problem – what we need is a solution and a hope and I believe that we have entered in the time that that’s what the world is going to start valuing the Church for in a greater way; it’s hope and a solution….

“Now Isaiah 60.2 – you’re going to have to remind yourself of this, probably for the rest of your life! – says, “Behold the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the people.”

“What did the Lord just say? He says it’s getting dark and it’s getting darker! It’s going to affect lots of people, but He doesn’t stop there! ‘But the Lord will arise over you and His glory will be seen upon you!’

“We’re not denying the darkness but the glory of God through you is going to be a solution and a remedy to any darkness around about you. That’s what we’re positioning ourselves for and that is how we’re aligning ourselves, and that is affecting our revelation, our view and our perspective that we be transformed by the renewing of our mind, the Mind of Christ, proving what is the good, the acceptable, the perfect will of God.

“Now in Jeremiah 29.11 – I know we quote this scripture a lot – but I’m just going to stop with this point: the Lord says, “I know My thoughts toward you”.

“Did you hear that? If we start looking at all that is going on in the world, the world is not looking for our opinion or our reflection of what is going on in the world, the Lord says, “I know My thoughts already concerning you!” and He says, “I know My thoughts and they are thoughts of peace not of evil to give you a future and to give you a hope”.

“There, is revelation, there is prophetic solution, there is remedy, there is direction and strategy, there is anointing and there is glory that has the ability to release peace, not evil, and to give a future and to give a hope to people regardless of any other situation or circumstances that are going on.

“Now if you’re not one that has learned to walk in the Shalom of God, if you’re not even one who has learned to war in the spirit from a place of rest… seated together…it doesn’t mean we don’t have war, the Bible says we do…but we’re doing it from a position of being seated together with Him; if you haven’t learned to do that – you’re being fast-tracked right now… because we don’t have a choice. For us to be able to have the right perspective, we’ve got to have the right position to be able to operate in that.

“God says, “I know My thoughts toward you”. <Lay hands on yourself: Father…>”

Hurricane Sandy

“Now all of us had our eyes last week on Hurricane Sandy and I don’t want to make this all about hurricane Sandy, and I’m not going to, but we didn’t have television in our home because we’d just moved into Windsor and we haven’t had phones other than our mobile until yesterday. We have a television system that came with the house and it’s so complicated we had to a have a technician come out and hook all that up and show us how to use it…So we weren’t able to keep up except on the internet with tracking some of the things that were going on in the world at his time.

“So every time I saw a picture of Sandy – and I don’t want to talk about the hurricane only hitting New York – it hit the Caribbean, it hit New Jersey, it hit New York, it went on up into Canada. There were deaths everywhere and so we don’t downsize any of that. In matter of fact, its eye hit actually New Jersey but its greatest amount of damage was done in New York and I think the reason people put the emphasis on that is simply because that’s the financial district, that has the Statue of Liberty, a place of identity for the nation, a place of rule in the nation. And so that’s why I believe people’s focus is upon there, even though that’s not the only place it touched.

“Every time I would see this – I only got to see it once in a while – I didn’t see a flat picture because I wasn’t watching the news on television….and one time the Lord said, “The Hurricane Sandy is punctuation” and that’s what the Lord told me.

“And so when I would see it, one time it would look like a full stop – with the eye in the middle – when I would see it another time with it swirling, it would look like a question mark with the dot – and when I’d see it another time it was elongated and it looked like an exclamation mark with the dot on the bottom.

“And the Lord kept saying that this hurricane and these winds are “a punctuation”, not just in the US but a punctuation in the world. Now a type of punctuation means that it draws the line – and it brings a separation and there is an alteration after that, and this is what the Lord said, He says:

“These are re-arranging winds and they’re changing the course of nations.”

“Anybody here that felt that resound in their spirit just wave your hand…do you see that…you didn’t have to make that happen. This is a “re-arranging winds and a changing of the course of nations” and the Lord spoke this – forgive me as I’m going to read some of this because I want to get the words right:

“The Lord says,

“The Old World’s time has cycled around again to become a New World – we’re part of that Old World, here in Europe – to rewrite history, no longer a Constantine conversion that advances religion without Christ. Hidden winds of change have been developing on the inside of My people and they are now blowing change into the world. The western New World, particularly the USA, will enter accelerated crisis-shaking to hasten their journey to learn that I am their true resource and I am their defender. The USA has been a champion of freedom for much of the oppressed world, but you cannot represent freedom without representing Me, Jesus, Who is the provider and Who can bring sustainable protection to the nation.”

“The Lord says,

“Parts of these winds that are blowing, part of these winds that are bringing a re-arranging, are blowing away what has confused nations of their identity.”

“We’re not the only nation that has been in an identity crisis. I believe that many of our nations have had skewed identity and the Lord is saying this, He says:

“I will bring you out of what you have designed by your own thinking and by your own hands” – listen to that! – “that I may redesign it by My thoughts and by My plans.”

<Lift up your hands…repentance and in-depth prayer covering all points of that word>


“People are nervous about the economy but the Lord is saying that there is a sweeping financial change in the nation – turn to your neighbour and say, “No surprise!” – and the Lord says when you look at the USA it’s going to look like economic collapse. Listen carefully, the Lord says,

“It’s not judgement but it is a reaping of what’s been sown through governmental unsustainable spending.”

“Prophetic people, we have got to have our perspective right. It’s easy to say when we see something shaking that “God’s judging that!”. There’s plenty of times in our lives when we’ve been shaken but it’s not been a judgement of God but He’s been shaking things so that that which cannot be shaken remains – or the fact that there’s a greater moulding, or He’s bringing us into a greater focus – the Lord says the Dollar is falling and its falling to what looks like a North American-Mexico new currency. The Euro is weakening also and the Lord said it will fragment.

“Now people have tried to push me to get me to say this before my time – but I wouldn’t – they know that! They’ve really asked me those questions, so let me say it again:

“The Euro is weakening, also it will fragment, and the Lord says it will eventually restructure Europe. Are we listening here? The Lord says,

“Watch Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and possibly France as there is (coming) part of a restructured core group of countries.”

“OK?  That’s why it’s important that you order the recording today. The Lord says we’re still under the topic of economics…

“China’s increasing scope is going to continue in the midst of human rights violations, and because there is going to be economic growth people are going to avoid dealing with some of the human rights violations because of the benefit of the Yuan.

“People are asking about investments and I don’t know that I know anything about investments right now. If you’re wise enough and mature enough that you can hear me when I say I have inklings – you know you can take them that way – but the Lord’s speaking to me about Japan’s currency offering a form of stability at this time, and the Lord started speaking to me two days ago about white metals. I had to go to my husband and ask what would you consider are white metals, and of course the most obvious would be silver. And so I looked up on the internet and this is what I saw:

“Gold is already at 90% of its top value. So that means if you buy gold most likely you probably could earn another 10% over how much time, who knows…but silver is only at 40% and so that means that if it’s one of those things that goes up – and you’re listening with mature, discerning ears – that means the basic statistic is that if it’s going to do its rise now, it’s got 60% to rise, which means that your investment would have greater benefit. Right, does that make sense?

“So the Lord was speaking about Japan’s currency having a form of stability for this time, also for white metals at this time and that we were going to see some blessing upon those things.

“And then the Lord reminded me of things I’ve shared with you for the last couple of months:

“One, ravens and camels. Remember you will want supernatural resources from God but you don’t want the raven dropping them off as that signals you’re in famine and it was only ever supposed to be sustaining for a temporary time. You want the camels coming with an abundance for yourself and the Kingdom of God, and that is what you are looking to, and so we’re not changing from supernatural resources and connecting to God at this time but what we’re doing is we’re changing our areas of alignment and of expectation. I am not looking for the ravens, I am looking for the camels at this time. That means you’re going from surviving to thriving – repeat that after me, you’re going from surviving to thriving – surviving to thriving is where we are going.

“Now I’m going to touch on;

The Weather

“You know the Bible already tells us about the Last Days. It talks about earthquakes, it talks about floods, it talks about famines, it talks about wars, and it says these things must come, and they’re the beginning of birth pangs. So any prophet who says any of those things you have to say “amen” to because it’s already in the written Word, but I believe that there are different focuses for different seasons that we’re in. And this is what the Lord spoke to me:

“The Lord said that we’re going to enter into a season of solar storms that are going to disrupt electronics in the earth and in the sky. I don’t think it’s long term disruption, I think it’s short term disruption. The Lord said there will continue to be eruptions and earthquakes that have the ability to change the axis, just like the one in Chile did (and Japan), you know it actually changed the axis of the earth.

“For those who didn’t know, it actually took away a few – I don’t know how they measure parts of a second – but it took away some time from every day, the shift that happened. I don’t know if you realise this but the magnetic north is moving 40 miles towards Russia, is it every year now? – If I don’t have that right you may read it for yourself – that’s not prophetic word it’s something I read in the newspaper. (RB: as here)

“So things are changing and the Lord says part of this is that we’re going to see the grain reserves in the earth hit a historic low. And that, of course, always affects the poorest nations more (those) that live on the grain and rice. And the Lord says even the heat and the droughts of this year, particularly in Russia, Eastern Europe and the United States was going to be one of the major contributors that are going to bring us into this all-time low in the area of grain.

“Remember, we’re not one that just recognises the problems, we’re ones that every time we see this we say “God, I want a solution to that, I want to be a solution to that, I want to be part of the remedy, I want to be part of the answer in that situation”.

“And then the Lord spoke to me and He said,

“You’re going to have to remember I have I’ve already given you authority over plague but you have to rise up and use that authority.”

“And so what I believe is even in this weather thing that God is saying has affected crops I believe that we will see what some people call a plague, and the Lord say’s this isn’t one for those who say “O come, help God!”, the Lord says,

“I’ve already given you authority over the plagues. You rise up in the midst of that authority.”

“Now I want to look at;


“Several months back we said we have got to switch the way we’re praying for Israel; we’ve got to spend more time praying for how our nation aligns with Israel because how a nation aligns with Israel determines whether it’s blessed or whether it’s cursed.

“I felt that as we’re going into this season that has got a greater emphasis upon it than any other time that I’ve ever known before, because as times get dark and things shake, throughout history there has always been a blaming of Israel. And I believe that there’s going to be people that are going to put pressure on their national leaders to disalign with Israel because of the hard times and wanting to blame shift.

“And you are going to hear the most ridiculous things that Israel will be blamed for. One of them is, Israel’s going to be blamed for the gas price, the oil prices in the Middle East – Israel’s going to be blamed for that! – not the people that are charging it, but Israel! – how that works I’m not quite sure! But you cannot be one that your point of perception and paradigm is moulded by the media but that you hold true to what the Spirit of God is saying.


“Governmental legislative prayer – which we’ll speak a little bit about about tonight – can shift the way earth is structured. That is why when we moved into this year this  anointing of governmental rule, God has been watering that, God has been nurturing  that within you – this is not a Dominionist message like what was presented to the church twenty five years ago – it’s not about, “You were created in His image and now you rule!”.

“No, there is something else that is going on at this time as the Spirit of God is speaking about governmental prayer. He is talking about, listen; the throne of heaven and the court of heaven, I can’t tell that it’s a different place, because wherever Jesus is and wherever He’s enthroned He has the ability to rule from, and so when I look at that we are more ones that are saying “I’m going to enter His gates, and I’m going to enter His throne room and I’m going to worship and do this…”, the Spirit of the Lord says:

“I want you to, but then I want you to partner with me once you’re there.”

“Listen, I believe that worship is not a means to an end but I also believe that it positions you to operate in an authority, a partnership and a co-operation with the Spirit of God that nothing else gives you the right to do! And so once you’re in that throne room, once you’re in those courts of heaven, once you know that you are seated in heavenly places – not just ‘Oh I have faith in my heart’ – from knowing you’re there and it has changed your position, how to see what is going on in the earth, He says,

I am looking for those who are going to governmentally, legislatively restructure the structures of the earth together with me!”

<Lift your hands. Father, I release a commissioning over your people right now….>

“Now I just want to touch on one more thing about government before I go on. You know in this last season we saw with a great shaking that there were several dictators that fell in the midst of their nation. You know how the Word of God says that if you have a victory and you don’t fill that void the enemy comes back seven times worse, and the end result is more negative than the beginning (the first) result? The Lord said we left a void.

“I want you to know cringed when I heard that! Where dictators have fallen in the earth, He says,

“My Church left a void in that place” and He says, “Now you’re going to see nations and new dictators rising up from so many different directions at this time.”

<Father,..> Now we get to the part everybody likes;


“I do love this part but I’ve got to give you the definition that I’ve been carrying in my spirit for this last season before I go into this.

“I believe that there are currently revival pockets in the earth and I believe that after this year, when the calendar changes, we are going to see what looks like many more revival pockets. And it is not a fairy tale to believe that God is actually looking to world-wide revival – He is. And so you don’t be one that downsizes your hope based upon what you’ve experienced. No, because of where your perspective is you agree with what the Spirit of God is doing. But what I have felt like I needed to pray over so many this last season is if you’re not careful revival is something that you wait for and you pray about for God to do but you don’t know what else to do about. And the Lord said this:

“People do not understand that a new wineskin for revival, so it can be sustained, is an apostolic, relational, reformational, societal wineskin.”

“And that He really does intend for His glory to cover the earth and for nations to come to their desire; Jesus. But right now He is starting the glory spots in the earth and God says He’s been awakening us, awakening us to the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit in us and through us, awakening us to new intimacy and encounters with Jesus, awakening us in worship so that we can host the Presence of God.

“But, you prophetic people, He’s also awakening you in the area of revelation because the epitome of revelation is not what you see in each other and not even what you see in the earth but as it says, when He has come, where we have seen through a glass darkly now we’re going to see with an area of clarity. And what are we going to see? We are going to know Him even as we are known by Him.

“That there is a shift here with looking at revival, looking at revival thoughts, looking at awakening, looking at glory spots in the earth, looking at a reformational wineskin, there’s a shifting of perception going on here. The height of what you have to deliver to the earth and to steward the atmosphere with is your revelation of Him. I should have heard a whole lot more amens at that point (everyone was busy trying to jot all this)

“It is your revelation of Him because that is what gives you the clarity of everything else, and you as prophetic people you know you’re made for the weight of God’s words upon your lips, you know your made to handle words of life, you know you’re made to handle revelation, you know that you’re not content to live in the present and judge the future by what the news says.

“You know that you’re called to read the times and you know that you’re called to prepare a people and to make a way, and you are one that God’s eyes look to and fro on the earth and when He wants to speak into the nation He speaks to you because you are married to the land and you have a passion for the purposes and the destiny of a nation and He says the way that this is going to be is that you’re going to see Me! We’re going to see Him! It cannot be separated as a work order or just a description or just a strategy from the connection with him and the intimacy level that brings and the knowing Him, and the authority and the rest that brings to be able to put His pattern, the will of heaven, upon the earth so it becomes the will of the earth.

“Ok, so, revival. I believe we’re headed for worldwide revival and I believe in this next season we’re going to see some glory spots increasing but the Lord spoke a couple of issues into it:

“He said, some of the greatest places we’re going to see it is where men and women can work together, where generations can work together. And so what does that mean? It means the old clothes-line religion, the old gender separation of women in governmental authority in the church – where there is a stronghold of that, there’s also a limitation – and so it is something that has to be dealt with. So what do we do? We bind it in the heavens so that it is bound in the earth also.

“Now the Lord also spoke about young leaders. This is a time that we begin, as those that are more mature and have been around a while, we have to embrace and platform (sic) and support young leaders, not making them have our vocabulary but us be willing to change our vocabulary so that we are not obsolete but that we are effective into another generation.

“And I saw where these revival spots were there was a high-level interaction between men and women and leaders of all ages – isn’t that amazing!

“And then the Lord spoke to me about a type of unity that we have begun to think is impossible. The Bible uses the word ‘unity’ in 484 verses – I don’t know if you knew that – let me just mention a few to you: let us exalt His name together; gather My saints together under Me; we took sweet counsel together; break forth into joy, sing together; and all that believed were together; and when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together; for we are labourers together with God; wherefore, comfort yourselves together; not forsaking the assembly of ourselves together; God has raised us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places.

“I believe that there are even some of us sitting here that, as the church was struggling to change itself into the new wineskin, we got ‘excommunicated’ or we didn’t know where we fit any longer, there has become that wonderful emphasis of “It’s Him and me”, “This is it, It’s Him and me” and it IS always Him and you. But what you’re going to affect in the rest of the earth is you and the others that are round about you and how you gather to do that; whether that is in a local assembly, whether that is in a football stadium, whether that is in a prayer gathering or whether that is in somebody else’s home, or whether it’s in a business – I don’t think that is the biggest issue of where it’s at. I believe, though, there is a place that some of us out of self-preservation we became isolated – ok?

“Do you know that in a gathering like this there is no responsibility upon your character? Do you know that in a gathering like this there is no title to be given and so there’s no manoeuvring for that? But at the same time it affects the level of unity you can walk in when you’re forged together and moulded together and you walk through things for each other in victory together!

“There is a place where what you agree on – you see it’s not the fact that “Oh I like what you’re saying so I agree that…” – No, what you agree on, why do you agree? I know this person, I’ve been in the fire with them, I’ve been in good days with them, I’ve been in bad days with them. I’ve seen when hell was breaking loose on their family and they’ve still stood and they’ve got the victory and now when we touch anything and we agree we know what position we’re agreeing from and the Lord says, “There’s nothing that will be withheld from us and that which we pray will be granted unto us. That’s a whole lot different to, “Give me your hand and let’s pray”. Isn’t that right?

“Now where’s the finance for this unity right now? – we’re God’s legislative body and where it talks in Matthew 16.18 of that ‘ecclesia’ we’ve spoken about. You cannot bind and loose and overlap the earth with heaven’s will without being not just legislative yourself, but without being that legislative body that God is raising up.

“Now we’re still talking about revival during this time and so the Spirit of God is saying, “There is a unity that is required”. And so, “Am I in places where we exalt His Name together?…Am I part of the saints that are gathered together?” – and just ask yourself that!

“Now I’ve got two more minutes and two more pages and so I’m going to go quickly….I didn’t know where to put this but the Lord started speaking to me in terms that I’d not heard before. And the Lord said you’re going to see…successful businesses right now are going to be:

Business driven solutions!

“I’m not even sure I have a definition for that so I’m just going to put that out…but I believe that part of that is to bring the impoverished into a new dimension of prosperity.

“I watched, because we had no TV for the last three weeks – it’s really been refreshing – but we’ve watched dvds of Greg’s Chain Reaction movies and at the beginning of this there was a scientist that said, “We have got to develop an energy source in the earth, and then we’ve got to give it away to all the nations and nobody has got to look to be able to gain money from it, otherwise what we’ll do is we‘ll increase wars and the increasing greed will do all this…”. Now I don’t know what else the movie said for the next hour and a half! I just kept hearing that one statement resounding on the inside of me.

“It wasn’t about an energy source. It is about supplying what the earth needs above witty inventions (Proverbs 8:12) supplying for you. It is about supplying the solutions that the earth needs at this time with a generosity of the Kingdom. It is about being a vesselfrom God tobring His way of thinkingthat releases the good, the perfect will in the earth for the things that we could never have thought of or aligned with or even have a way.

“I can’t tell you how many people come to me and say, “I’m just waiting for a backer and banker and then I’m going to have this great wealth and I can give money away”? How about giving your invention away? Listen! Is there a possibility that we could seek first His Kingdom in the earth and, because we do, ALL these other things will be given to us? (paraphrasing Matt 6:33) The Lord said:

“We have entered into that season businesses, churches and individuals are going to be valued by what they give away.”

“So if you’re looking for influence in the earth at this time it has just shifted, it is part of the “winds of change” – it has shifted what gives us influence.

“I’m finishing here: the Bible talks about in Jeremiah 30:7 – “The last day is great so that none is like it and it is a time of Jacob’s troubles but he shall be saved out of it.”

“Repeat after me, “God is reimbursing us for our sorrows”…God says, He’ll give you double for what you’ve been through. We’re not saying what you want, we’re declaring His character in the midst of this. But you’ve got to be careful not to seek to preserve what was, because I believe that what we’re looking at is different and it’s brand new. So, prophetic people, it is so easy to speak and call forth a future and resist change at the same time. We cannot afford to do that. We have got to be ones that can proclaim and create the future and I believe that God is still shaking but, don’t let things be shaken out of you that should not be shaken out at this time because we are growing up in Christ. Have two scriptures to read you:

“Psalm 34:1-10 – “I will bless the Lord at all times” – this is our way to escape from the past. His praise shall continually be in my mouth, my soul shall make its boast in the Lord. The humble shall hear of it and be glad. O magnify the Lord with me….etc

“Psalm 24 – “Who may ascend unto the hill of the Lord, or who may stand in His Holy Place?”

“In this holy season we’re going into, who’s going to be able to ascend, who’s going to be able to go in, who’s going to be able to stand? He who has clean hands and a pure heart. First, out of your relationship with God who has not lifted up his soul to an idol nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation. This is Jacob, remember Jacob’s sorrows, the generation that seek him, who seek His face. Lift up your heads O you gates and be lifted up you everlasting doors, and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, lift up you everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory? – the Lord of Hosts.

“The Lord is saying be not anxious and don’t get into fear, cast your burdens upon Him. Yes, some things are judgement coming upon the earth, some of them are not about us, they are not for us and some of them we have an ability to (make a) detour and reduce. So you just have to stay in relationship with God and from this perspective know how to deal with it. I believe that we can still reduce devastation. And so, if we’re in a place of great darkness and in a place of great glory, that means we’re also in a place of trials and triumph!

“And so you’re going to have to look at some things, but where there may look like trouble on every side there is hope from heaven on every corner! Did you hear that? Trouble may look like it’s on every side but there is help and hope from Heaven on every corner. The Word of God tells us in Proverbs 12:13 ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick but when the desire has come it’s a tree of life’. I believe you’re helping nations come to their desire and the days that we’re living in require a hope. They require a hope within the midst of us and we spoke into that earlier this month when we were together about receiving a hope for what God is doing in this nation.

“There’s so much more I want to share with you but would you stand…..

“Father, in the name of Jesus we thank you that we just prophesy in part and these are such titbits compared to the mysteries that You told us are available to us, and available to our children. So Father, we ask that You would use each of these revelations as a deposit, as a seed, as an investment to open up the hidden things, to open up the mysteries, to open up the timings, to open up the strategies, the solutions and the remedies, Father not only for us but for our nation as well. And Father we recognise that in what is happening right now is we have the ability to change the course of nations and that’s why You have been building us and preparing us in any way. So Father, right now I pray over all these here and over those who will hear this recording, God we say right into their perception, right into their paradigm, God breathe that “wind of change”, Father, that “wind of punctuation” that declares an end and a beginning, breathe it right on the inside of us. Blow away restriction and limitation, Father, that we might rise up and realise we are setting the course of nations, right now. And Father, right now we declare over these people that what You have for them is greater still, is greater still, is greater still, what You have for them is greater still, greater still – in the Name of Jesus….Amen.”


If you live in Scotland or Northern England you may like to know that Sharon will be in Glasgow 11-12 January at Start The Year Right, hosted by Emma Stark (one of the panelists on 3rd Nov). Details at

1. For a brief personal introduction to Dr Stone as well as an understanding of the ‘roll-on season’ to which she refers above, see Prophetic Word for 2012.

2. Re.anti-Semitism: should Christians align with the state Israel?  See Thoughts below.

3. A selection of UK-related prophecies may be read in Library of Prophecies.

4. Transcribed with permission of CI Europe and a polite reminder; Copyright applies.

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11 thoughts on “Prophetic words for 2013 from Dr Sharon Stone

  1. Most of these prophetic words bore witness with my spirit, but not all. One in particular is much different from what the Lord has recently revealed to me. Being anti-Israel, the nation state, is not the same as being anti-semitic as it is commonly defined, nor is it the same thing as being anti-true Israel. True Israel is both Jews and Gentiles who have put their faith in Christ. The majority of Israel, the nation state could not possibly be the recipient of what God told Abraham in Genesis 12. Jesus and Paul cleared that up in John 8 and Romans 9-11. Not all of Abraham’s descendants are true Israel, children of the promise. Not all of Israel is Israel. Most Jews in Israel today are children of their father, the Devil, because they actually hate Jesus and the love of God is not in them. So aligning myself with Israel, the nation state, which is a kingdom of this world, established with the help of…Rothschild family, is not what I am called to do. As Christians, our only allegiance is to what Jesus constantly spoke about: The Kingdom. Not a temporal kingdom having to do with a little piece of land. NO. A heavenly kingdom. The promise of the New Jerusalem. No, Jesus is not aligned with Israel, the nation state. He is only aligned with true Israel – all those who trust in Him as the Messiah. But He, no doubt, longs for Jews to repent of their unbelief so that they can be grafted in again. Matthew 23:37-39 37 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing! See! Your house is left to you desolate; for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ ”


    • Thank you Zach for your comments received over the holiday period and which merit a considered response. Dr Stone’s reference to ‘aligning with Israel’ would be related to God’s promise to Abram (Gen 12:1-3) and probably to the eventual separation of ‘sheep’ from ‘goat’ people/ nations, according to how they’d treated ‘brothers of-me’ (possible emphasis upon Jesus’ brethren of Jewish blood?).

      Your ‘The majority of Israel, the nation state could not possibly be the recipient of what God told Abraham in Genesis 12’ abrogates God’s unconditional Covenantal promise, does it not? (Romans 11:26 ‘All Israel will be saved’ is probably collective, not meaning every individual.) Let’s not forget God’s purpose of renewing Israel isn’t for their sake but purely ‘for My holy name’s sake’ (Ezek 36:20-38).

      Jesus’ comment about Nathaniel being a ‘true Israelite’ struck me a long time ago. So I understand, yet disagree with remarks diverging from scripture’s revelation of Father’s and Jesus’ hearts toward Israel. Even if Jewish folk are still ‘stiff-necked’ they are essential to the outworking of God’s purposes for human salvation. Hence, Satan’s hatred and strategy to eradicate them and thereby thwart Jesus’ return to Jerusalem and the full application of His victory at Calvary.

      After receiving private instruction on the Kingdom, Jesus’ disciples asked a directly relevant question about it being ‘restored’ to Israel (singular not plural; ie. a national group). He didn’t rebuke them but explained that’s of no concern for them because the Father has ‘placed’ it within his own ‘jurisdiction’! (Acts 1:6-7 Greek Interlinear is helpful here) That is, their query about timing was a legitimate one but it just didn’t figure in God’s immediate purpose. ALSO, it is connected to Jesus’ prophecy on Jerusalem being ‘trampled down’ until the ‘eras’ of (other) ‘nations’ (ie. non-Jews) have been ‘fulfilled’ (Luke 21:24). And what’s to happen next?

      Also consider Jesus’ remarks at Luke 22 about His not celebrating Passover again until ‘it-may-be-being-fulfilled’ when the Kingdom comes. This prophetic promise to partake physically must mean Jesus will eat the Passover after His return – and where else but in Jerusalem?

      ‘Coincidentally’, I read last week about a miraculous connection of Jesus’ presence in the Passover regarding a major player involved with preparing the Holy Land for the return of dispersed Jews! Also, a supposed satanic origin of the state of Israel is illogical because it would mean he and his minions are divided against themselves and thus be unable to stand (Matt 12:25-26). But the facts belie that supposition. Only by the protective hand of God could this new state, born in one day (Isa 66:8), have survived several military attacks from surrounding nations. And I’d add that the Lord directed me to this truth about Israel years before I was re-born! (About/Welcome refers.)

      In addition to having known Dr Stone personally since 2005 and sure of her integrity in the Lord, I also know several in the five-fold ministry and recognised prophets who take the same stance regarding scripture and Israel. In fact, your closing scriptures form the opening words of a widely accepted prophetic word of anguish received direct from Father God about Israel in 1999! (Details here – vol 3.) Therefore Zach, you may wish to submit your revelation for validation by those to whom you’re accountable in the Lord.

      Finally, you may be interested to read an excellent appendix on Understanding Messianic Jewish Ministry in the New Spirit Filled Life Bible (NKJV study version). Of Ishmael’s descendants we read on p1878: ‘Even now, believing Jews and Arabs have a most unique opportunity, especially in Israel, to exhibit the peace of God and to demonstrate brotherly love for one another while working together for the kingdom of God’ (eg. the ministry of Joel Rosenberg’s Joshua Fund).


      • “Also, a supposed satanic origin of the state of Israel is illogical because it would mean he and his minions are divided against themselves and thus be unable to stand.” This comment assumes that Satan would have to be divided if he and his minions established the nation state of Israel. Why would his kingdom be divided due to this? It wouldn’t when you understand that one of the ways Satan wishes to destroy God’s people is through self-destruction caused by pride and idolatry – turning the land/nation (a counterfeit to what Yahweh wants to give them) into an idol and adhering to the ideologies of Jewish supremecism, which is rampant in the Talmudic Jewish community (the majority of Jews). Israel, as it now stands is a temporal kingdom and many with Jewish heritage will be deceived by Satan’s false Christ due to him giving them what Jesus would not – a temporal kingdom. And many Jews, who have aligned with Satan’s system, are now involved in establishing the kingdom of his false Christ with Israel as a central piece of the puzzle in his scheme. How else will the Antichrist take his seat in the temple and declare himself to be God except through the political, financial, and religious maneuverings of people under the control of the god of this world? Many Jews have prostituted themselves among the nations for temporal power and wealth. This is a fact when you know what’s in the Talmud that informs Jews and when you know the Jewish names of many people in high places of power, wealth and influence around the world, who are working to establish a one world government along with other people committed to the plan of Satan. Furthermore, with Satan being the god of this world, it isn’t crazy for me or anyone else to believe that Satan was the power behind the establishment of the nation state of Israel, especially when you know how it was founded – with the theft and murder of thousands of Palestinians – a thing Yahweh God would never honor. Israel has survived several military attacks, not by God’s divine protection, but by worldly might and by being backed by the West, namely the US and Great Britain, both of which are under the control of dark occultic and satanic powers, with money obtained by the usury of satanic and Jewish monetary and banking systems.


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    • Many thanks for drawing my attention to this most significant dream Tim and for linking into the above transcript. Also appreciate your comments on recent post and our attention to the Lord’s declaration of His starting a new cycle in history. Funnily enough (‘God-incidence’ again!) also yesterday I’d been corresponding with TE Hanna about early British church history as well as Constantine’s council at Nicaea (see his post at


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