Covid-19 Bio-weapon

Created as follow-on library to prophecies of Covid-19 Pandemic:


In March 2020 an interesting discussion developed within Prophetic Releasers – Community on the origins of the global pandemic when its administrator-founder Geoffrey Pick republished a prophecy – see blog’s Covid-19 Prophecies library.

I raised questions about the virus’ origin (Is there unequivocal proof that it is a man-made virus? I understand a virus is a combination of organic and inorganic materials and know of none that are beneficial, as with bacteria. So how do viruses fit into God’s creation design and plan? Or could they come from satan’s post-Genesis activities?)

This generated an interesting flow of information in parallel with dealing with true and false prophets, questions over whether or not the situation is directly from the Lord and how it relates to scripture and End-times – even believers’ confusion over it all.


So I mulled all those matters over in my mind prior to falling asleep Monday 23 March. (This included various scriptures, prophetic ‘opinions’ as well as rumours on the issue, especially that, as El Shaddai, the Lord is ‘The God of utter ruin and devastation’ according to rabbinic doctrine. I laid out all I’d heard, those particular scriptures – see next post Is the global pandemic from God’s hand? for details – plus the whole canon and my own thoughts, just like imaginary piles of papers spread out on a desk before the Lord for His direct advice!)

Upon waking Tuesday morning, 24th March, I recalled having done that and, therefore,  asked the Lord, “Is the pandemic from You?” ~ and got an immediate answer: “No, it is man-made!!”  (Thus, the possibility of Covid-19 being deliberately engineered by China as a weapon of biological warfare!)

Later that day I came across Revd Yinka Oyekan’s Facebook posting of the previous day about a dream of his that brought me confirmation, especially on the End-times (Dogmatic Dog-collar’s False Teaching re Covid-19 refers). He replied to me, “The signs of the end times being upon us are not yet fulfilled, this formed part of my weighing the dream.”


News about investigative reports validating that word began arriving and gathered momentum, as blogged below (numbers refer to Prophecies – Fulfilled catalogue):


Continuing chronologically from above, further news of the laboratory source of Covid-19, and its having been engineered as a bio-weapon, emerged and is summarised in the headlines illustrated in the following (note, links do not open new window):

Exposures continue: UK intel helps US on “man-made virus” (28 May pm)

MAJOR: media catches up with God’s answer on Covid-19 – “It’s man-made!” China’s culpability now exposed…

1 o’clock news: Fauci’s fall to signal Trump’s recall? (PS: is now Global Prophecy Signal #63.1)

BREAKING US NEWS: Confirms Richard’s Watch news about whistleblower from China!

Busted – Fauci’s number is up! – The Marshall Report

Monday Newsmix: tell-tale signs of Donald Trump’s return – Nos 1-5

Trump admin “very close” to pinpointing lab-source of Covid-19

Incontrovertible proof of Covid-19 bio-weapon fulfills 4 prophecies – man-made virus, exposures, another Snowden, China’s subtle war (God’s GPS#65))

Incontrovertible proof of Covid-19 bio-weapon fulfills 4 prophecies – Dr David Martin interview outlined

Incontrovertible proof of Covid-19 bio-weapon fulfills 4 prophecies – evidence of criminal conspiracy

US Foreign Affairs C’tee findings confirm Richard’s Watch on “man-made virus” leaked from ‘bio-secure’ Wuhan Institute of Virology, China

Self-incriminating Media silence on Wuhan lab as Covid-19 source

Updates on CV-19 as bio-weapon and USA’s involvement

Today’s news on Wuhan lab leak of engineered virus is 20-months old news!

Unprepared for bio-terrorism, Britain is hamstrung by ‘bad science’!

Politico-medical lies exposed on source of Covid: 1 – UK news

Politico-medical lies exposed on source of Covid: 2 – US news

2021..22 pivotal events: 7 – ‘New Pentagon Papers’ expose US-China politico-medical-military cover-up

Updated 3.11.22