Today’s news on Wuhan lab leak of engineered virus is 20-months old news!

Last weekend I was accused of promoting ‘conspiracy theories,’ thereby engendering disharmony in Christian circles with regard to anti-covid vaccines – BUT truthfully, I’ve kept away from that issue because it’s primarily a highly personal matter! Then along came sound information and evidence that I believe is very important to understand – so I ran a mini-series considering some ‘conspiracy theories’ as being proven.

We now revisit an infamous matter upon which I sought the Lord in March 2020, got His answer which was followed by several in-depth confirmations from top authorities, as summarised along with many posting-links in Covid-19 Bio-weapon

Here’s what a Fbk friend posted this afternoon:

Read Sarah Knapton’s excellent in-depth article in full at Wuhan lab leak “now most likely origin of Covid”, MPs Told

See also ‘escapee’ virologist from the WHO reference laboratory in Hong Kong, Dr Li-Meng Yan’s interview and scientific report on an “unrestricted bioweapon”, along with earlier report:

Later, this news caught on over the ‘pond’…

2 thoughts on “Today’s news on Wuhan lab leak of engineered virus is 20-months old news!

  1. Yes I know in my spirit the day I heard of this virus that it wasn’t from bats. When I then heard that there was a lab in Wuhan engineering viruses what more do you want? To me that was confirmation of what I knew already.

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