SUBSCRIBERS ALERT > are you getting emails about new posts??


For a number of months earlier this year I found my ISP was not forwarding notifications of new posts to my personal account – and another client of TalkTalk was encountering the same issue.

In getting dozens email daily I don’t check for notifications from my blog because I know when a new item’s published – but I find receipt of ONLY 10/23 of this month’s posts!!!

Today, a subscriber on Gmail reports he’s not been receiving notifications AND I find his address is missing from my WordPress user accounts.

Therefore, please visit this blog’s home-page at and check what postings you may be unaware of.  Depending upon your device, it may be easier to check the home-page side-bar’s listing of ‘LATEST 20 POSTS’.

Your comments below may prove helpful and in the end I may need to move from WP’s very easy-to-use legacy system onto a later more complicated one….but not enough hours in the day!

5 thoughts on “SUBSCRIBERS ALERT > are you getting emails about new posts??

  1. Having checked I have two missing – Experimental vaccine and Proven 5. If your notifications are being hampered, we claim the awesome power of the Lord to destroy these works of evil against your life-bringing words. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony, and that we do not love our lives to the death. Those of us who stand against the pressure and lies of this present age are becoming aware that this is the requirement now. Not peace but war-time!

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