Updates on CV-19 as bio-weapon and USA’s involvement

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Flashback 2016: Fauci’s Cohort Peter Daszak Explains How Scientists Can Perfectly Create a Coronavirus in China Lab That Can Lead to Global Pandemic

LATEST (Monday 29th Nov):

SMOKING GUN: Despite Attempts to Protect US Rich and Powerful and Government Officials – Designed Mutations and Cover-Up Itself Confirm COVID-19 Origins

ON FIRE! Dr. Naomi Wolf: “Dr. Fauci Should Be Scared of Investigations – There Clearly Is Misconduct Going On” (VIDEO)

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli Ran Coronavirus Research in Wuhan After US Project Was Shut Down by DHS in 2014 for Being Too Risky — PRIOR LEAK KILLED RESEARCHER

PS (Tuesday 30th Nov):

SHOCKING: RFK Jr. Claims Fauci Killed, Tortured, Poor Minority Orphans in 1980s

Ted Cruz Crowns Fauci “The Most Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History;” Says Gain of Function Lies Could Land Him in Prison For Up to 5 Years (Video)

PPS (1st December):

EXCLUSIVE: Forgotten Monument to Dead Orphans from Fauci’s Torturous and Deadly AIDS Testing Is Located in New York State — HEART-BREAKING PHOTOS


Covid-19 Bio-weapon

5 thoughts on “Updates on CV-19 as bio-weapon and USA’s involvement

  1. Richard: Here is a video by Dr. Andreas Noack who tells us how graphene razors in the ‘vaccine’ cut people up on the inside and cause them to bleed to death:

    Dr. Andreas Noack – Graphene Razor Blades

    “People bleed to death on the inside.”

    “As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood, you know you are a murderer.”

    “It’s a new material, toxicologists are not aware of it yet.”

    “Why are these razor blades in the vaccine?”

    “Everyone is talking about the messenger RNA which has complex effects. The theory of mRNA is complex. But every chemist understands what this (the graphene hydroxide) does. You see the mRNA story is possibly a diversion.”

    “I cannot imagine anyone will be able to give me as a carbon specialist a proper explanation why these carbon razor blades are in the vaccine.”

    “This is war. They distract us with the messenger RNA.”

    “Any doctor in Austria, who, after this information is now public, continues to inject this, is a murderer.”

    “But if you hit a vein, and the batches contain different amounts of GHO [graphene hydroxide], then you have to know you are cutting people up from the inside. And it is a highly intelligent poison.”

    “Toxicologists just don’t expect any nanoscale razors.”

    “As a chemist, I vouch for the fact that these are nanoscale razor blades.”

    “This material has zero biological degradability. It stays in the body forever. Even if people don’t drop dead immediately, it cuts up the blood vessels little by little. It destroys the heart. All the heart attacks. All the strokes. As a doctor, you have to ask, where is this coming from? If you understand that razors are being injected, it is clear why all the cardiovascular diseases appear. The heart is cut up. The brain is cut up. Blood vessels are cut up.”

    “They are first to impose a vaccine mandate. They are killing the whole Austrian nation.”

    –Dr. Andreas Noack, translated by Stefan Reich

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