How apt: latest Covid variant omicron is anagram of ‘moronic’

Blogging on the polluted river of politics is so boring – especially as I far prefer to ignore it and remain aloof, or else make disinterested observations – but it is important in view of the direct relevance of biblical and modern prophecies, and many are coming to pass in this domain.

Moreover, it is the battlefront of our Holy God and Father, His angels and chosen ones versus satan’s evil and its demonic hordes operating through witting and unwitting humanity!  As evidence I cite our leaders submission to the demonic spirit of fear and advocacy of its evil control by means of their ‘project fear’ (upon which a Tory MP silenced the Commons by furious rebuke of PM’s Chief Medics)

As we know in my hearing the Lord’s answer to my asking of Covid’s origin (“It’s man-made!”) and then blogging many times, it is a manufactured bio-weapon BUT not just ‘made in China’ but done with the direct involvement and investment of certain Americans!  (A recent reminder appears next.) Each variant of this virus was named according to the Greek alphabet – but in naming this variant the W.H.O. skipped ‘nu’ and ‘xi’ in deference to China’s leader and hit upon ‘omicron‘ – which has the suitable anagram of ‘moronic’ – how utterly apt!

Sadly, British PM Johnson went into a tailspin over this after the following reassuring news published Saturday:

But later that day:

All my regular readers know – apart from its direct relevance to Revelation chapter – there’s no scientific proof whatsoever that masks do prevent infection.  IF THEY DID WORK, then there’d have been no new waves of infections during mandatory periods in the past 20 months – data shows there were fresh waves and numerical spikes! And this applies to every nation that made wearing masks mandatory by law!!  Doubtless, this unhealthy practice of re-breathing one’s own exhaled carbon dioxide and microbes does affect immunological systems, thus reducing resistance to all infections. We could say ‘morons’ fail to appreciate the fact of naturally healthy life!

Here’s support for this lack of clear evidence as reported on Twitter around midday by by The Daily Telegraph’s Science Editor (emphases mine)

Interesting quote from Oxford’s Prof James Naismith on masks – “The ONS survey results on prevalence shows that the Scottish and English approach to masking although formally different since July has made no meaningful difference to Delta.”
10:15 am · 29 Nov 2021·Twitter Web App

My response: OF COURSE they wouldn’t !

For information, here’s her latest report on virologists’ ‘rationale’ :

Such deep, vexatious concerns arising out of trying to and learning how to deal with a global situation totally without precedent in human history – the leak (deliberate of otherwise) of bio-logical weapons – featured in William Koenig’s in-depth weekly insights of early 2020, as reported by his top-level medical contacts!!!!

Now over to the USA’s direct involvement with China in the next post >>>

3 thoughts on “How apt: latest Covid variant omicron is anagram of ‘moronic’

  1. Hello Richard,
    a few days ago I read about a scientific study of the University of Stockholm: they found in tissue samples of (Covid-) vaccinated people that an enormous amount of this Spike-protein ( originating from the vaccine) is in the nucleus of the cell, not on the surface of the cell membrane where it would be expected to be if it was a ‘proper’ vaccine. This spike protein (Antigen) is amongst others blocking DNA repair mechanisms in the nucleus of the cell, and the formation of B-lymphocytes, which build antibodies and T-lymphocytes which attack hostile organisms/cells directly. The ‘vaccine’ causes the body to incorporate the spike protein in the body’s own cells (e.g inner surface of blood vessels) and we are told this is to make the body produce more antibodies: this seems to me to be nonsense because now the body recognizes this antigen/virus as its own. It blocks the host’s immune response and makes the person harbor many more of the current virus cells.

    The same day I (suddenly) found a text stating that all Corona viruses share four different spike proteins – the same four ‘spikes’ per virus. In my time as a medical student the literature stated that there were about 600!! different corona viruses commonly causing upper respiratory tract infections and gastrointestinal infections. They can be life-threatening if the infected person has inborn or acquired immune deficiencies as all infective agents do.

    Then the thought came to me that the virus was not altered at all by who ever where ever. This was just part of the fabrication of the panic in order that people be subjected to the forces behind this. The virus mutates very. frequently. I think manipulations would be very short lived . The ‘vaccine’ is the problem: it makes the virus dangerous as it manipulates our immune reconnaissance. If they can introduce one spike protein into our physical fabric, they can introduce all four. That creates a monstrous infection. That process requires demonic laboratories as well.

    You are right with connecting which whatever is deemed to be the current variant of the virus with MORONIC . Everything in connection with it is.

    Dear Richard, keep well.

    PS (eml 5/12) Link to Swedish study via Swiss site>

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