Dogmatic dog-collar’s false teaching re Covid-19 – Yinka Oyekan

Further to the closure of my footnote in the previous post, here’s the dream Revd Yinka Oyekan, senior pastor of The Gate in Reading and president-elect of the Baptist Union, posted on his Facebook last Monday, and which confirmed my opinion of the pompous claims against recognised prophets as appended to my recent blog:

‘I had an interesting dream last night, I saw a minister in a dog-collar teaching people that this COVID19 was a judgement on the nation and using Jesus’ Name. The Lord’s anger flared at the suggestion and He woke me up to pray…

‘So this morning I read the scriptures again that revealed God’s intent for humanity. Jesus healed everyone who came to him and had compassion on the poor and sick, this he said to me is my heart to help the oppressed, to help the poor and to help the weak.

‘My advice – please don’t get sucked in by words which call this Covid 19 a judgement – God loves humanity and wants to protect it.’

12 thoughts on “Dogmatic dog-collar’s false teaching re Covid-19 – Yinka Oyekan

  1. Exactly Jesus didn’t go through what He did to send a curse upon the World, especially when He came to save it and the Harvest is so ripe and not yet gathered in. Thank you Richard and Yinka for posting here. Will Father turn it to His advantage, absolutely by showing His Goodness to the children of men.

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  2. Certainly Covid-19 wasn’t sent from God, plus the scriptural promise “What the enemy of our souls meant for harm God WILL turn to Good” is eternally True. So then, I see God using this evil to bring corrective Judgements to the nations in a variety of ways.

    For instance, most recently, the Surgeon General in America has STOPPED surgical abortions, in order to free up beds for coronavirus victims. The restrictions on travel have given the environment and God’s Creation a seriously overdue time of respite from gasoline and aeroplane fuel pollution.

    Last in just three examples (can you think of more?) people are LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER again. “Love your neighbour as yourself” is back in action and without any religious mention of the First Commandment, but spontaneously. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

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  3. It is precisely because God is a God of love that he has allowed Covid19 to come as a warning. Any good father, if he saw hie child about to walk off the cliff, would warn him, and this is what our caring Father is doing. Do we really think that we can go on as we are, living in a culture of ultra seflishness, with governments passing ungodly laws, and with abortion becoming increasingly easy? God is not mocked; remember what happened to Judah when they refused to listen to Jeremiah.


    • Thank you Rosemary, and as implied in the footnotes to the previous posting I’d laid all I’d heard AND scriptures b4 the Lord and when I asked in the morning, the reply was unequivocal. Later I discovered the above posting and got a double confirmation ie not only that it’s not from the Lord but also nothing to do with End-time scriptures. Will blog in due course as and when I canon the specific scriptures that show it’s NOT of our Father.


  4. See my comment at the bottom of this post. Dear Richard, so much of what you post is so helpful, but I have no hesitation in saying that this is false teaching. As you say, we have to weigh and test everything, but I feel particularly strongly that this is wrong. I hope we are allowed to give our opinions whether for or against! love to both Rosemary.


    • Dear Rosemary, with reference to testing I trust you may find latest posting’s reference to Yinka’s dream shows it meets Paul’s 2 Cor 13:1 requirement. That is, not only ‘witnessed’ by the direct answer I heard but also as published and commented by a person whose gifting I’ve personally encountered. Trust this may help you to weigh this series of prophecies on the demonic ‘distraction’.


  5. I read a good quote from CS Lewis today.

    Written by C.S Lewis in 1942
    Satan “I will cause anxiety, fear and panic, I will shut down businesses, schools, places of worship, and sport events. I will cause financial turmoil.”
    Jesus” I will bring together neighbours, restore the family unit, I will bring dinner back to the kitchen back. I will help people slow down thier lives and appreciate what really matters. I will teach my children to rely on me and not the world. I will teach my children to trust me and not their money and resources.”

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