7 years-old prophetic journal note on ‘Corona Virus’ (F/P #162.2)

Martin P emailed me three weeks ago as follows about what a friend, whose surname I’ve deleted for confidentiality, had unearthed in her prayer journal. (Emphasis mine):

Dear Richard,

I am enclosing the transcript of a prophetic word that was given to a friend of mine, Jill C… I have known her for 6 years or so, and she is a part of a prophetic group in Tunbridge Wells. I can validate her and her openness to the Holy Spirit.

Last night (RB: 5th March) she was prompted to open one of her journals from 2013 and the transcript is the entry for that day. We prayed about the relevance of this forgotten and re-discovered word, and I think the Lord was encouraging me to send it to you for consideration. If you think there is value in a broader sense to publish this you have Jill’s permission. She only wants these words to be used for God’s Glory.

It will be 7 years in May this year since she received the word. David is her husband.

Please pray if this is of relevance. Thank you for considering this.

Every blessing,  Martin P

Journal Entry – 14.05.2013

I woke up with the words:

“8 Particles of Genetic Indeterminate”

NO idea of meaning – looked up on the internet and it is to do with viruses such as HIV. [Also had a picture of a young blonde woman sadly walking away from her man [?]]

I said to David that morning, I had real concerns about the fact that due to toxicity and all the injections [innoculations] children and young people [teens to twenties] have – they may have very little immunity for dealing with viruses etc – noted the “Corona Virus” mentioned [later in the day].

 Then Daniel Ch 10 V 11 ‘…..understand the word that I speak to you, stand upright for unto you I am sent – when he had spoken the word I stood trembling.’

 Matthew Ch 8 V 15 .. ? Church ministry?…..’and He [Jesus]  touched her hand and the fever left her and she rose to minister to others.’

 ? Prophetic word on coming Epidemic and the Churches’ role – bringing others to Christ?

I have not looked at this entry, which is part of my journaling over the years, but it saw it while sorting my paper-work out yesterday and I ran up the road to the URC prayer group and shared it with our minister and later that day went across to Martin to share it as it had been such a shock to see the name Corona in this write-up nearly 7 years ago!

Jill C  06.03.2020

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