1 o’clock news: Fauci’s fall to signal Trump’s recall? (PS: is now Global Prophecy Signal #63.1)

Checking this morning’s Koenig’s World Watch Daily selection of headlines, which covers primarily news on Israel and the Middle-East, I noticed it’s started covering the scandal of US deep-state’s cover-up over the Wuhan laboratory being the known-source of CV-19.

Here’s screen-grabs of Bill’s linked sources reported last night and earlier yesterday:

Upon sight of this I immediately thought, ‘Maybe this is the start of Donald Trump’s return as POTUS?’

STOP PRESS (insertion)click link to watch this interview with Mike Pompeo

Now for a couple of items from yesterday down WWD’s front page:

So I decided to take an inventory of headlines for this posting, which is creating a veritable library when included with those displayed in:

(If you’re unfamiliar with this topic you may wish to visit the above links first to grasp the immensity of this issue.)

Here’s today’s find in reverse chronological order, with The Epoch Times first:

LINKS Epoch Times – Gateway Pundit – National Pulse – World Daily News

2 thoughts on “1 o’clock news: Fauci’s fall to signal Trump’s recall? (PS: is now Global Prophecy Signal #63.1)

  1. Dear Richard Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication and for this important email.

    I’ve been trying to revisit the 2 articles you sent recently one on yoga and the dangers and another with a word fir the U.K. P. M. saying he should be a role model and marry his fiancé not live with her. Also saying people should nit cohabit.

    Please can you help me find the email(s) I mentioned Richard?


    Thanks again for sharing prophecies and news. Such an encouragement.

    In His love. God bless you and your dear wife.

    Eva Stevens in Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales. ??

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________


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