9th high-level validation of the Lord’s saying covid-19 “is man-made” (F/P#121.10.10)

Found and forward onto Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations Telegram this morning (to read first item click second, TGP’s headline) and added to blog’s library:

BREAKING BIG: EcoHealth Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff Provides Evidence that COVID-19 Was Created in Wuhan Lab – Worked for and Reported to Dr. Daszak at EcoHealth

Newer readers may wish to peruse extensive record of entries on the above by clicking next image – it’s a page on this blog’s Prophecies Fulfilled hub (hence, numeric title):

Covid-19 Bio-weapon


With 3 minutes to go I’ve scheduled (ie ‘cued’) publication for 17:00 hrs on 18th.

4 thoughts on “9th high-level validation of the Lord’s saying covid-19 “is man-made” (F/P#121.10.10)

  1. _____

    Interview with a Demon – Death Jab – Pharmakeia

    In this video, you will see a few people on camera collapse and die–probably from the death jab. Just before they die, they look around and then look up. They see something evil. The one guy looks like he is swatting a fly before he collapses and dies. Clue: Satan is the lord of the flies (Beelzebub).

    During my hitchhiking days, I would stop at this shelter in Riverton, Wyoming. I might stay for a few nights and then hit the road. One time I arrived at the shelter and the guys there told me that this older guy the night before had passed away. He was sleeping on his mat on the floor and a few of the guys noticed that he was telling something to keep away from him. His arms were flailing all over the place; he was trying to keep someone away from him. I think he said something like, “stay away from me” over and over again. They later told me that he was on a sex offender registry. It was obvious that he was an unbeliever and that he died and went to hell.

    What I believe is happening with these people is that, just before they die, they see a demon. The demon is there to take their soul to hell. I have heard of stories like this before. Unbelievers on their death beds have a look of horror on their faces before they die because they see a demon.

    I met this guy who had a friend who was the county coroner. The county coroner said that once in a while he would notice the facial expression of the corpse of someone who had just died. The face of the corpse was twisted in horrible contortions–it looked like the person who had just died was in a state of great terror.

    On the other hand, I have heard of believers who were on their death beds. They would have this look of absolute joy and serenity on their faces because they knew that they were going to heaven. Or maybe they saw angels coming to bring them home. When a believer dies, it really glorifies the Lord.

    In Joseph Conrad’s novel HEART OF DARKNESS, the main character of the book is on his deathbed. The last thing he says is, “the horror, the horror”.

    In the Francis Ford Coppola film APOCAPLYPSE NOW (1979), in one of the last scenes you see Colonel Kurtz (played by Marlon Brando) on his deathbed. The last thing he says is, “the horror, the horror”.

    The Death of Voltaire

    The Terror of Hell

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    • Tim, thanks and my wife was a part-time personal assistant and dear friend of a very elderly lady of the realm who was an invalid and occasional Anglican churchgoer. Nina, brought her into a relationship with Jesus and, during a visit when she was in a care-home, Nina watched the joy on her face when she saw angels coming for her. So wonderfully re-asssuring!

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