On cue, ‘coincidence’ over 1990 years may link John 21 ‘catch’ with Atlantic aircraft activity

In response to a sister’s comment on Chris Moyler’s Telegram group that refers to the beginning of the Gospel according to John, I suggested looking at how it ‘sits’ with the first verse in the Bible and gave a link to my blog of almost 5 years ago:

Amazing geometrical symmetry of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 (cont’d)

Only then did I notice a slight typo needing correction and thought I’d better check a related subsequent post republished on Tuesday, Part 2 of A Post-Resurrection Miracle.

In the very busy lead-in for High Holy Days I’d not been able to scrutinise the several posts auto-scheduled for that long weekend.  Upon reading Tuesday’s a new insight dropped into mind!  (Maybe you’d noticed an ‘on cue’ (Q) allusion in the numbering?)

I write therein, now with emphasises:

‘Jonathan makes many more deep connections between scriptures and Sign 8 and their importance to the Church and the Consummation of the Age. Building upon the 17-rowed triangle of the number 153 displayed in Jo-Blog’s Go Fish, this is how Jonathan describes this mathematical principle (drag to enlarge, noting number 153 forms an equilateral triangle of sides 17 x 17 x 17)…’

What’s the 17th letter of modern English alphabet?  Q

Moreover, here’s what I’d already read yesterday on Telegram:

Some may have seen Donald Trump as often writing a huge capital ‘air-Q’ with his hand in the air.  Q refers to military intelligence and is part of application of Devolution Theory.

As Derek maintains, there’s “NO such thing as coincidence!”

[Another specific Q-flight-path in Two Presidents Prophecy Apparently Now Fulfilled, which introduces Derek’s work.]

So, Apostle John’s account of failed fishing 1990 years ago but which got a miraculous huge catch by means of a net, as told in A Post-Resurrection Miracle – Part 1,could possibly lend itself pictorially to yesterday’s GINORMOUS circular net hovering over the Atlantic, as shown above by the US military veteran!

I’m just saying…will leave you to do the weighing 🙂

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