Next-day news confirms 3rd piece of Space Force and Trump ‘rocket’ jigsaw!

The previous post of Thursday 9th March features ‘Puzzle In Sky’ by Idea Go (

In reporting two separate matters, both of which use ‘space’ imagery, I posited they could be represented by two conjoined jigsaw pieces.

One is a news report on results of a poll in New Hampshire on voting trends for Republican candidates, the other tells why Joe Biden is not involved with the US military’s Space Force.

At the time of writing I presumed my noticing and blogging upon this ‘coincidence’ could be regarded as the 3rd jigsaw piece…BUT…

‘It just so happens’ that post and picture may itself be prophetic because the very next day, Friday 10th March, a specific reference to ‘skyrocket’ was published in the Press, and repeated on Telegram, thereby making this article by Reed Cooper for DC Enquirer the actual 3rd piece:

Looks like there may be something to my supposition after all. What do you think?

But whatever, thank and praise the LORD!

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