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PPU #48 – Fact-check on Trump prophecies 2 – CPAC/CoG state-of-play

‘…For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known…’ (1Cor 13:12 NKJV)

This posting of 24 November examines how Devolution Theory is playing out under President Donald Trump’s Continuity Of Government by means of US military laws, as postulated in Derek Johnson’s fact-filled paper Military Occupancy 2016.

His thesis presents a valuable insight into how prophecies on Donald Trump’s two-term presidency, previously presumed false, are being fulfilled in a novel manner, especially that brought by the late Kim Clement in April 2008 of USA having TWO presidents.

We continue examining that fulfillment with extracts from Derek Johnson’s Rattle Trap 1776 Telegram on Trump’s address to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland on Saturday, and his linking it with the possibility of Continuity Of Government (emphases mine):

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(On Facebook at 1776 Nation and Derek Johnson Telegram)

‘Shoutouts to Attorney Generals (those who’ve applied and upheld the Laws)..

“The greatest in our history, most important battle in our lives is taking place right now. (A lot of war terms spoken in this speech; most important battle)

For 7 years you and I have been engaged in an epic struggle to rescue our country from people who hate it… (7 years minus 2023 = 2016; his Presidency didn’t start until Jan 20, 2017, or did it? 7 years is giving a nod to the Law of War Manual updated issue December 2016, the Military Justice Act 2016, the Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2 both dated January and June 2017… and everything I’ve got in documents from that date to present via Laws and Orders…)

“We’re going to finish what we started… (Finish; nothing he has ever said hasn’t come to fruition) – RB: Revd Franklin Graham: “Trump has a track record of being right!”

“We’re going to complete the mission… (As I say all the time; Laws are revised or revoked; Orders are rescinded or mission accomplished; EVERYTHING he’s ever said has happened)…

Never seen anything like this. (Never; this = Multi-level Operation & COG at same time)…<

“In 2016, we took away the power of this correct political class and we did more in 4 years than the History of our Country… (Took = Action = Completed = Done = You’re watching an Operation and COG; many of us can see the action’s because we know the Laws and Orders; the rest are having to wake up other ways)

Only President in Modern History who did not have any new wars… I finished some old ones… I finished some old ones (Old ones = plural; Finished = Completed Mission; proving Afghanistan pullout was staged and all Optics to fall on “Biden” = how are you going to wake up if you don’t READ Laws and Orders? Americans love = DRAMA; those who won’t read and apply did it, blame them, not me)…

Remember 2016, Democrats and Republican opponents said… “he will lead us to WW3 with his personality”… (NEVER happened and still… people hate this man…

“Very old Law and we found it… one of my legal people… “Sir I don’t know if you want to bring this back, “I do!” (We have a LOT of Laws on paper that have not been applied or upheld)

There’s only one President in History who’s ever taken on the whole corrupt establishment and Washington… (Corrupt Establishment AND Washington)..

“I only came here 17 times… (Here = Washington DC; 17 = 17 Military Related Agencies of the 21 with the Quantum Initiative / [RB: 17th letter alphabet = ‘Q’]

I now know the good ones, the bad ones, the weak ones, the strong ones, I know em all… (He knows ALL people of DC)….

Our enemies are lunatics and maniacs, they cannot stand that they do not own me, I do not need them, I don’t need anything about them, I don’t need their money, they cannot steer me, they cannot shake me and they will never ever control me and they will never ever therefore control you… (Can’t be bought; NONE of us can; those who accuse us are reflecting the very thing they do)

I alone will never retreat… we have to charge, we have to charge full speed ahead… (Retreat and Charge are Revolutionary War terms)


“They tried to stop Trump at the ballot box in 2016, how did that work for them, not too good… (Executive Order 13848 was signed before ANY Election under him; 2018, 2020, 2022 are Operation Elections with Military Intelligence running Elections and seeing what Governors and Attorney Generals apply and uphold Laws and Orders)

We did much better in 2020 than 2016… (“We have it all. We’ve caught them all.” – DJT in 2020… They know. They = Military Intelligence and JAG).

But we have no choice, if we don’t do this, our country will be lost forever… “(No choice.  This = Martial Law based on Laws and Orders plus many other key speeches)

READ IN FULL Rattle Trap 1776 Telegram published March 6.

PS: 8 March


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