A tsunami of Truth is coming! – Julie Green

After publishing the previous then adding reference to accelerating shaking, as foretold in Hebrews 12:27, I forwarded it to Telegram, which had lots more prophetically relevant news, and then espied this which I look forward to carving out time to listen later – click image for link to play video:

4 thoughts on “A tsunami of Truth is coming! – Julie Green

  1. Richard do you recall this vision from 2016?

    I have had this vision for the past 3 days but I did not feel led to post it until after the election. In the vision I saw metal garbage cans with their lids on. I was shown the contents of the cans and they did not contain garbage but rather files. Many many files and documents. I remember seeing people sort of guarding the cans. The reason I used the phrase, “sort of”, is because I gathered that they did not wish to arouse any suspicion. In the next part of the vision, I saw the individual can lids blow off and the contents be jettisoned out like one would see a volcano spew lava when it erupts. I saw paper and files everywhere. Those who were guarding the cans were frantically trying to put what was not exposed back into the garbage cans from whence they came, however, one can after another blew its lid so there was no way that what was released could be contained.

    It is my belief that there is corruption that has been kept very hidden, hence the use of garbage cans, that has yet to be exposed, however, once it starts there will be not stopping it and those trying to do so will weary themselves in the process.

    In real life, garbage doesn’t really smell terribly bad when the lid is on. When the lid comes off the stench can be unbearable. I believe that it is not a coincidence that in this vision I was shown garbage cans and not filing cabinets. We will have to wait and see what the days and weeks ahead reveal.


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  2. And this one from 2020
    More To Come
    As I was praying this morning, after reading the news, the Lord dropped the following Scripture in my spirit.

    Woe to those who seek deep to hide their counsel far from the Lord,
    And their works are in the dark;
    They say, “Who sees us?” and, “Who knows us?”
    Isaiah 29:15

    Then I was shown a vision of a volcano erupting. Normally a volcano, when erupting, spews forth lava and causes much destruction. However, in this vision the volcano was spewing forth papers, and just like a volcano in the natural, couldn’t be stopped by human intervention. The papers like the lava were hidden deep withing the earth out of eyesight until forced out by eruption. Afterwords, I saw papers spewing out of the mouth of this volcano much like one would see lava from an exploding volcano in the natural. Unlike a normal volcan the papers spewed forth would end up in peoples hands almost like one would see on a windy day and they were reading the contents of what was on the papers, i.e., the information could not be hidden away and kept from the people. If one has been following the headlines as of late the above post would bring further clarity to what is happening.

    As with anything I post here take this to the Lord in prayer.

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