Wray confirms FBI accepted Lab Theory as likely “For quite some time now” — Jonathan Turley

Yesterday, FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed that the FBI believes that Covid-19 did originate from a lab in China. While liberal pundits have tried to dismiss the similar finding of the Department of Energy, the public attention of the FBI will make it more difficult to spin out of this major story. Yet, the most interesting moment with Wray came in an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier. Wray told Baier that the agency has, “for quite some time now, assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan.” The notion that the FBI has held this belief for “quite some time now” is unnerving since it remained stony silent as experts and commentators were censored and shunned for even uttering the theoryWray Confirms that FBI Accepted Lab Theory as Likely “For Quite Some Time Now” — JONATHAN TURLEY

Comes as absolutely no surprise to my readers as we’ve known over the past TWO years about SARS-Covid-2 being a “man-made” virus. NO we’re NOT conspiracy theorists but heard from the living Almighty Lord God.

2 thoughts on “Wray confirms FBI accepted Lab Theory as likely “For quite some time now” — Jonathan Turley

  1. That is absolutely spot-on. I clearly knew from praying that this Covid virus had come from the lab in China and those who said it was from bats were lying. It seemed logical anyway. It was also clear that the hard left media and the hard left politicians who were viciously attacking anyone who dared to speak the truth was just on a misinformation crusade. God bless you. Sid.

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