Two Porcelain Dolls Prophecy Update: Biden for the bin, Trump in God’s ‘Repair Shop’ (PPU #33)

The Repair Shop is one of the very few programmes we regularly watch on bbc tv  and we love how the team of crafts-people enjoy restoring all  kinds of cherished belongings and blessing many people with obvious joy!

This time last week, news began to emerge about Biden as Obama’s Vice-President having illegally removed and stored classified documents in insecure places.

Veronika West shared that news with a reminder of the prophetic vision of the White House made of glass, all of which was being broken during a hailstorm.

Moreover, Press headlines mirrored that vision and I followed up with a couple of updates!  However, there is another prophecy I was also keen to find as it relates to recent news on Donald Trump’s influence in changing the Speaker of the House. This prophecy also very appropriately foretells the latest news and developments about Biden…


On 14 May 2021 Veronika published her Strange Dream of TWO Presidents as Porcelain Dolls and I quote in part for brevity:

“…I found myself standing in what looked like a large industrial Factory, and what stood before me in the dream were a large number of huge big bags of what looked like weird plastic Dolls dressed in black and white clothes…”

We’ll return to that later, after considering how the dream changed (extracts again):

..suddenly the dream shifted and I found myself standing in what looked like a small Repair Shop, and I could smell a strong fragrance of Linseed Oil in the air, and I could hear the sound of tinkering in the background.

As I looked up I saw a sign that read, ”Restoration and Repair; The Potters Emporium” and as I looked at that sign, I heard these words, ”Watch! For the Oil of My Glory will flow forth upon this land to bring Divine Restoration and Supernatural Repair to that which has been stolen and broken!”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw what look like an old vintage Porcelain Doll sitting on a work bench, and as I drew closer in the dream, I saw that it was an old Vintage Porcelain Doll made in the image of President Donald J. Trump

Now as this strange dream continued to unfold before me, suddenly I noticed what looked like a Maker’s Mark stamped on the underside of what was left of the right foot where the Doll’s shoe was also missing and it read, ”1946/ HAND-MADE MADE FOR AMERICA

As I read those words, what immediately jumped out at me in the dream was the word “FOR” and so I re-read the Maker’s Mark again and it read, ”1946/ HAND-MADE MADE FOR AMERICA”.

As I read those words again, I heard The Spirit say, ”Watch! For what is made by the hands of man will not stand, but what is made by The Hand of The Father will never fall or fail!”

[RB: Donald J Trump was born on 14th June 1946]

“…I saw that where the Presidential Doll had been stripped of its old and worn clothes, it was now being fully Recovered and Re-clothed in new Presidential Garments…

And, as I watched this unfolding before me in the dream, I saw a great transformation taking place, and it seemed like in the twinkling of an eye, thick auburn hair now crowned its head, a new deep royal blue suit covered its body, and a beautiful red and white satin tie appeared around its neck, and a new pair of shoes was now upon its fully restored feet.

Now, as I looked and looked again in the dream at the now fully restored and repaired porcelain Presidential Doll, suddenly I heard these Words, ”Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, You are The Potter; we are all the work of your hand…”


“…But, from where I was standing in the dream, I was not able to see the Dolls very clearly, so I stepped a little closer, and as I got up to these huge big bags of strange looking Dolls, I was shocked to see that they were in fact Dolls that looked like Joe Biden!

They were strange looking action-type figures of Joe Biden, dressed in black and white tuxedos.

Now as I looked and looked again at my surroundings, I realised that I was standing in a Factory that was making and mass producing these plastic action figures of Joe Biden, and as I stepped even closer to the bags, I reached out to touch one of the Dolls, and before I could touch it, I saw a ticket on the back of the ‘JB Action Figure‘ that said, ”MADE IN CHINA,” and suddenly, as I read those words, I heard these words, ”What’s made in China is cheap, and will not last. But what’s hand-made for America will stand the test of time!”

(Yes… you can call me crazy… but that’s what I heard!)

Now as I heard those words in the dream, suddenly I saw all the actions-figures of Joe Biden being thrown into what looked like a large black storage bin, and on the side of the big black bin was a sign which read “TERTIARY RECYCLING”.

Then I heard these words, ”Watch! For what the enemy created for evil. I will Turn, Transform and Reform for good and for the advancement of My Kingdom!”

Definition: ‘Tertiary recycling can be external or internal. If it’s external,..recycled materials/products were recovered and reprocessed thanks to public participation – sorting waste and putting it in recycling bins to be collected and transferred to reprocessing facilities. Internal recycling… materials/products were recovered without public participation, for example within factories and manufacturing facilities.’






NB: Re MID-TERMS 2022…(as with 2020 Election and FBI ‘Playbook’)


3 thoughts on “Two Porcelain Dolls Prophecy Update: Biden for the bin, Trump in God’s ‘Repair Shop’ (PPU #33)

  1. “What’s made in China is cheap and will not last. But what’s hand-made for America will stand the test of time!”

    ISN’T THAT THE TRUTH! There is this YouTube channel about these two men who live in China. One guy is from Great Britain and the other guy is from the United States. They visit all of these construction sites or sites that have been recently built.

    On this one site–a brand new residential area in the last few years–EVERYTHING WAS FALLING APART! I couldn’t believe it. Talk about shoddy construction!

    I used to work in a lumber yard and in commercial construction back in Iowa a number of years ago. If some contractor did such horrible work, they would be out of business.

    The foundation of China is the CCP. The foundation of the CCP is Satan. Everything Satan touches turns to garbage. Satan wants to kill, steal and destroy. Right now, China is falling apart. Satan always crumbles in the Presence of God.

    China Crippled

    China Crippled

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