Double-pronged attack across ‘the Pond’ – 1: on Bill Koenig re. election fraud

[Prepped last Thursday but didn’t post this ‘coincidence’ of the previous weekend in view of busy events:]

The previous Friday evening’s Koenig’s Eye-View From The White House had not been published as usual. Early the next day, before heading off to assist at our church’s Alpha Holy Spirit away-day, I quickly checked and this headed my unread emails list:

Upon returning home later I read he’s been in Brazil for the elections and his report includes the following. So I grasped why it was a battle from what I know (as previous post and his conference on manipulation of electronic and mail-in voting in August 2020). Take especial note and hope it’s legible enough when magnified:

That was Friday evening 4th November over ‘the Pond’ in Washington D.C. and being

Here’s my post of 8th Nov 2020 on what Bill had learned about election malfeasance, as linked above, months earlier (click image title to open):

US election’s NOT over: 1 – Koenig’s weekly ‘Eye-view’

The 2nd ‘prong’ of the attack includes claims of election fraud: see next post >

4 thoughts on “Double-pronged attack across ‘the Pond’ – 1: on Bill Koenig re. election fraud

  1. I have been watching and listening to all that has been happening globally, and its clear that the antichrist system is up and running now. With the announcement of its arrival a while back with the unusual alignment of the planets, it is becoming more clear every day. Rather than the overt plan we imagined, the system is taking over by placing particular governments in place, by fraud usually, that will drag each nation down into recession and global debt. Each nation will then seek International support and debt-alleviation, through its agreement to the Net Zero tactics, guarenteed to reduce the world to total energy dependency.

    Then as the elite purchase farmland and own the food production, the same practice will be set in place there. A network of ‘put in place’ goverment officials, local leaders etc, all tasked with dragging local and national food productions down, The nations will become food-dependent, and therefore willing to comply with whatever conditions they are given.

    So rather than an overt ‘management takeover’, it will be a gradual blood-letting exercise, sapping the strength, sustainability and independence of nation after nation. Like a vampire network of illegally elected goverment officials, all part of the ‘gold rush’ to defund the world.

    With the advent of the basic social income, people will be kept on minimal ‘rations’, and be thankful. Any resistance will be met with sanctions. Nationally any resistance will be met with exclusion from the ‘them’, and reduction to becoming a part of the ‘other’. Globally the same. A system based on keeping yourself from falling behind the invisible line that will beoome like a wall between the haves and have nots. This system of global control will set us up for the next ‘lockdown’ and mandated ‘marking’, aided and abetted by the digitalisation of currency and the loss of personal freedom, in exchange for energy and food security of sorts.

    I sat in a conference a while ago and listened, horrified to economists and politicians discuss this very system. I felt like it was a dream, but it unlocked for me the plan, and the very reason we – the church – must be aware that the Antichrist system is already here. As we slept, it seeped in. As we looked away it took over. Now we must play catch-up, knowing its no longer about sorting out these ‘crazy politicians’. They are not crazy, they are programmed by greed and fear to follow the plan.

    So America, United Kingdom and Brazil are just the beginning. The Great Reset has already begun and we must get together and build and store and prepare. Our very lives, freedoms and the souls and eternal destinations of our neighbours, families and nations may depend on how well we succeed!

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  2. So the plan is one world Government and reduce the world population supposedly necessary because of the climate. What is also amazing is that they have got hold of opinion polls so they get the opinion polls to tell the world what the result of an election will be and then produce an election with that result where actually the opinion poll is miles from what people really think! They also use opinion polls to disparage people they don’t like, so Trump. Biden is so unpopular they can’t do any better than paint him as minus 7 or 8 where he is more like minus 20 or 30 in reality.

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