Prophecy Progress Update 26: Mid-term election VINDICATES prophets and this blogger!

In case you may have missed one of the points covered in quoted article in previous post NOTE top entry in this screenshot :

I don’t have time to follow US political events closely so I trust the above investigative ‘digital warrior’ – like many others – has got his finger on the pulse > IT BEARS REPEATING:..

“OVER 200 CANDIDATES” elected to Congress are “VOCAL ABOUT ELECTION FRAUD”!!!

Check out my coverage of original published by His Kingdom Prophecy on 8.11.22

US 2020 Election prophecies of cheating fulfilled – Veronika West & Abel Praise

  • Veronika was reminded of a recent dream of a stadium running race — like one of Trump’s rallies — with a heavy sense of anticipation.
  • When Biden took to the field there was silence — but then Trump walked out and the crowd erupted.
  • Moments before the starter fires the starter’s pistol, Biden takes off and starts to run the race. Trump then starts to run after the pistol is fired.
  • While the crowd shout “Foul! Foul”, the media shout “Run! Run!”
  • The race marshal is oblivious to what is happening.
  • Biden crosses the finish line three steps before Trump and wins the race.
  • Biden then runs to a table of 9 race officials expecting to be announced the winner (reminds her of number of Supreme Court justices).
  • One official says to him “You may have run the race, but you have been disqualified.”
  • God showed her that Donald Trump had won the race.


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