Two personal time-points and the Lord’s ‘pointman’, President Donald Trump! – 2016, Exposures prophecy

Another piece of The Invisible Jigsaw is put into place

This is the first of a couple of rather personal posts in which I’m learning more about the purpose of my blogging as the Lord places yet another piece into His Invisible Jigsaw. In particular, it clarifies why I’ve kept watching the USA and issued over 670 posts about Donald Trump.

Also, let’s never forget why I’ve had a continual focus over the past 6 years upon the exposure of political rot and corruption, sedition, treason, unrighteousness, injustice, perversion of society and of children as well as murder of the unborn – all of which every born-again, Spirit-filled child of father God should be assiduously against, as is POTUS #45, President Trump.

As I prepared the first draft of this I was strongly impressed with the word ‘pointman’ having dropped into mind. So I had to check it and THEN amend this post’s title. This and the next part will explain,,,

Readers will be familiar with my reiterations of my prophetical musing in May 2016 Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics in UK, USA & EU?  How little did I suspect that mainstream news would ‘explode’ with validations, as in subsequent postings along with others’ related prophecies.  This post makes 300and HOW appropriate!

That first ‘musing’ covered concern over the Obama administration, plus brief news of a procedural investigation of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s financial integrity. On 23rd June I referred to that as a starting point in  ‘God-incidence’ of Exposures 2016 Prophecy and Start of Devolution Timeline as follows:

“..Upon skimming through my hard-copy of the first 20 pages of the latest part to Patel (Jon) Patriot’s outstanding papers on Devolution I noticed an in-depth timeline of events starting in April 2016. This is when campaigning for November’s presidential election was getting fired up.

Immediately, I got a ‘dig in the ribs’ on that being around the time the Lord had dropped into mind a ‘prophetical musing’ (on 26 May 2016) as told in this post (click to read):  Hmmm, perhaps COINCIDENTAL??”


Therefore, you may understand my delight in coming across this announcement on Telegram last week relating to a published ‘meme’:

He clearly states his personal mission of exposing political corruption!  Therefore and in view of my musing, it’s clearly implicit that President Trump is being used by the Lord!

[Publ@17:17 – Hand Holding Puzzle Piece by Ponsulak, courtesy]

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