UK: the Ecclesia must now arise – Veronika west

Published Wednesday 26th October on Ignite Ireland Ministries and His Kingdom Prophecy:


My Ecclesia must now arise, clothed in The Light of My Glory, to cover a Nation that stands naked before The Nations!”

So, last night I had a Dream (October 25, 2022). I was standing at the bed side of Queen Elizabeth II and she taking her last breath.

But as I watched the very life and spirit of the queen leave her mortal body, suddenly I saw her Crown slip down from the top of her head, and fall towards the ground.

As I saw the Crown fall from her head as if in slow motion, I saw at the same time what looked like a Divine Protective Covering slipping off — or being lifted off — The Nation.

Suddenly, I saw The Nation stripped naked before the eyes of The Nations of the world, and as I looked again, I saw The Nation looked vulnerable, and fully exposed to the elements.

I also heard these Words“Listen! My Ecclesia must now arise, clothed in The Light of My Glory, to cover a Nation that stands naked before The Nations.

My Ecclesia must now advance in the Power and Authority of The Key of The House of David, and take her place, for a Nation that has lost its Crown, shall now walk humbly before Me!

I say, a Prodigal Nation must now Turn, Return and Repent, and it shall become a Gold Signet Ring upon My Finger.”

Now, as those Words echoed loudly in The Realm of The Spirit in my Dream, I saw a dark Cloud rising over The Nation — a Cloud that looked heavy and ominous.

Then I saw what looked like a partial Solar Eclipse taking place over The Nation, as the moon passed between the earth and the sun, and darkness threatened to cover The Nation like a thick blanket, and a sense of great danger and impending doom, seemed to fill the atmosphere.

Suddenly I woke up from the Dream feeling a great urgency in my spirit. I immediately began to pray in tongues, and The Spirit of Revelation quickened to me another powerful Dream I had in 2020.

Then I heard The Spirit say, ”Daughter, a time of great humbling has now come to this Nation.

But watch! For in the midst of a great shaking, a greater Awakening shall take place that shall bring this rebellious Nation to its knees in repentance!

Watch and pray, that a Prodigal Nation comes quickly to its senses and Turns, Returns and Repents, that it may be fully Restored and Reformed from among The Nations!”

Please read also the related Dream in: UK: After Humbling, a Great Awakening is Ahead(23 January 2020)

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

RB’s FOOTNOTE: 10:00-12:00 BST 25th October

Also BBC Report:

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