Further Revelation – Philip John Barrett (A God-incidental second witness!)

As mentioned in the previous post, upon clicking the very top notifications tab on my Farcebuk this morning I found it opened this item posted about 45 minutes earlier on Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival. It wasn’t the content that surprised me but the list  of scriptures, most of which I’d only just consulted. They act as an astonishing ‘second witness’ – truly an incident designed by our Father!  So, please do take note:


In recent years the Lord has given me insight to a time rapidly coming to the U.K. that I can only describe as an, “all hands on deck” time. There will be such an unprecedented amount of new believers coming through that all established believers will be cast in the role of disciplers.

Further to this now is added that all of this will coincide with a time when the church – we seem to be back to calling it the Ekklesia – must step up to the plate and help steady the nation at an unprecedented time of political and economic turmoil.

I have this kind of vision on my heart, that at least certain elements of the Church must step forward to steady an already rocky boat. We must all step out of the shadows and into the full glare of the light – to move as it were from the fringes of society where we have been pushed by the world – and back into the centre ground of British life. We will face spiritual push-back as we do so – but as the light shines in the darkness there will be a reaction against it. We will face persecution – but that’s how we know that what we proclaim and live out is real. But for the sake of Jesus Christ the ekklesia must step forward.

I know in my heart after much prayer, over the past couple of years – that the lost – especially the young and the prodigals, are on God’s heart for the U.K. My wife and I visited Buckfast Abbey just yesterday and on kneeling down to pray in a chapel – the Holy Spirit was on my case about all those in the U.K. that have no time for God in their lives. This was not some random thought – but the Holy Spirit brought real faces to mind of people that once walked with Him, but have since left Him. People who I know personally.

Philip John Barrett

1 thought on “Further Revelation – Philip John Barrett (A God-incidental second witness!)

  1. Amen, Amen and thrice say I amen. Keep praying folks, family, neighbours, friends and colleagues, those who curse and gossip about you, the high and mighty, the low and humble. He chose the foolish to shame the wise, bring them in the ones the world looks down on, the poor, the broken hearted, the depressed, the mental health sufferers, raise them up as evangelists, teachers and healers that those who are educated too much that they can’t see intelligent design before their eyes are shamed, humbled and repentive. The Charles Dawkings, professor Cox types, the prideful arrogant ones. In Jesus name. An encouraging word Richard mate, save us Lord King. Let us be a preservative in our land as much as just 10 in Sodom would have been.


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