HUGE OVERNIGHT NEWS: Arrest over China link to US Nov 2020 election (Conspiracy Theories Proven #13)

Number 13 is said to be unlucky for some! 

We don’t watch any news or debates on TV and my phone’s alerts are muted, otherwise they get distracting. However, as I was about to turn that off before retiring to bed, somehow I got a Telegram alert from Patel Patriot (maybe because he’d changed it to his real name?).  It was on breaking news in the States and so I ‘twigged’ what’s happening and forwarded his to mine (click link):

‘The mules’ refers to investigations into 2020 election fraud via drop-boxes, as in my previous on 2000 Mules.  So here’s reactions from the trail-blazing duo and trusty team of researchers:

LOL !!!

3 thoughts on “HUGE OVERNIGHT NEWS: Arrest over China link to US Nov 2020 election (Conspiracy Theories Proven #13)

  1. “Looks like Gascon was TOLD, not asked, to arrest Yu . . .”

    It is nice to see that someone is leaning on Gascon to do the right thing.

    As for THE NEW YORK TIMES. THE NEW YORK TIMES is a joke. They are not journalists; they are left-wing activists that write what someone else wants them to write.

    “These people, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, they’re media whores. They’re literally whores and they’re stupid and they do the bidding of whoever pays them. They’re not journalists. They’re not journalists, at all. They’re whores. It’s a public relations, you know. They’re just trying to control your mind – and they they will admit it. They have admitted it on camera. They said, ‘That’s our job!’ What’s her name, Brzezinski – Mika? She said, ‘It’s our job to tell people what to think.’”

    –Isaac Kappy

    Project Veritas Exposes Mark Mazzetti of THE NEW YORK TIMES

    Mark Mazzetti Silent When Questioned over Deceptive Reporting

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