The Lord’s Jigsaw Puzzle: Mar-a-Lago is all about the Iran Deal – Bioclandestine

In view of what I was inserting on Robin Bullock’s aside about Obama and Iran, my drafting of the previous post got delayed until nearly 5pm, and so I scheduled it for publication at 17:00 hrs.  So, this is going out at double-Quick time at 17:17.

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[Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy]

3 thoughts on “The Lord’s Jigsaw Puzzle: Mar-a-Lago is all about the Iran Deal – Bioclandestine

  1. Fascinating. Trump has confirmed he didn’t leave the papers like this so the FBI have spread them all over the floor to photograph. But why? The only reason would be “proof” they got them from Mar a Lago but why would then need to prove that? Did they in fact insert documents before they photographed them? The fact they insisted no-one was to observe the 9 hour raid & CCTV had to be switched off in which they say were 25 top secret documents would make anyone suspicious. If CCTV was there then the insertions might be filmed.

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