President Trump’s message to America about Piers Morgan’s deceptive advert — Clever Journeys

Mainstream fake news is at it again against President Donald J. Trump, but this time it has royally backfired against their propaganda. The screaming mockingbird media headlines boomerang back at them today as Trump made certain a separate camera filmed an interview to be shown on Fox Nation. In a 30-second ad, the media have […]  President Trump’s Message to America About Piers Morgan’s Deceptive Ad — Clever Journeys

Reminds me of the prophecy of ‘Falling Giants’ Veronika West brought in 2018!

2 thoughts on “President Trump’s message to America about Piers Morgan’s deceptive advert — Clever Journeys

  1. Hello Richard, Dutch Sheets also published several words about boomerangs going back several years. This one is from March of 2022. Which says in part “The Lord says, ‘A Boomerang effect is being caused by My angels upon strategies of darkness, just as My Ekklesia has asked. Evil plots, plans, and schemes of dark government will boomerang back on My enemies. Efforts that were meant to destroy My plans will boomerang on those opposing Me. Plans of destruction will come back upon them. And the King’s redemption shall be seen.” Here is the link for that word and also here is the link for a search of boomerang on his site. Makes me think GOD is saying something about the enemies plans boomeranging and it is looking like that is happening now. Mark Jenson

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